You will be amazed when you learn how high heels started to be famous


Louis XIV is the king of France in the 17th century. It is said that Louis XIV walked with high heels through Paris. The high heels and his voluminous wig make him 30 cm larger. The king had an absolute fable for extravagant shoe design, so he particularly loved his shoes with red heel, which he had decorated with magnificent loops and ribbons.

In 1992, 300 years later, it should be so far! Christian Louboutin designs the shoe model “Pensee”. His drawing shows a gorgeous black high heel, feminine, sexy and timeless. Christian finally holds his high heel in his hand, looks at him critically, his answer: TO BLACK! The designer has not considered the many black of the sole, which makes the shoes lose too much elegance. Everywhere in the workshop it smells like acetone, an employee paints her nails in a bright RED! Christian snaps the nail polish and varnishes the sole of the prototype!

Today the “red sole” is the synonym for Christian Louboutin. Countless women have been running through the cities with their beloved high heels. With her “Louboutins”, as we call them, they reached cult status at the latest in the series “Sex and the City”, when Carrie Bradshaw immortally falls in love with these shoes with a red sole and 12-cm heels.

What is better than to apply the sexy heels to the appropriate nail polish.

The Louboutin nail polish in the color Edgypopi – Popi fits perfectly to the elegant red sole. With the super-large brush you can apply the varnish super and you always get a flat result. The covering power is very good and gives a radiant shine. Now the Louboutins on and ready!


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