How to wear hair jewelry?


You treat them with care, shampoos, masks. But once dried, dress your hair. These accessories are in fashion today. They finish well an outfit, which must be coordinated with the hair jewel. What are the choices you are offered, how to put hair accessories in jewelry?

The extensions, jewels of stars!

Extensions are very popular. They are dotted with pearls. Do not overdo it. You risk doing too much. Do not weigh your hair of pearls and rhinestones. It must remain discreet. You will find rhinestones of all colors, all shapes. After the beads, you can find floral patterns for example. But, ladies, always remain reasonable.

Elastic and barrettes, chic and fashion

The elastics have evolved. Some hair jewelry designers will add a very worked piece: a butterfly, a flower, a heart. Cones will enhance your hairstyle. The colors are various as well as the patterns. The clamps are no longer only black and plastic. They are also decorated, decorated with stones, worked, very refined. The Clip Clip also made a tour in the workshops of the creators and creators. The barrette is, for a long time, an accessory that women appreciate. You have something for everyone: the black bar, sober, invisible in a mass of hair or the colored bar, shaped like a butterfly or a star.Some barrettes are finished with long strings of pearls: a wonder!

Oh my headband!

Some bands or headbands are real jewels: you will find with pearls and tulle. Do not forget: a jewel of hair must remain discreet. Do not load your hair! A headband as a headband always has the advantage of being both modern, trendy and chic but also to tame the hair, it is also a hairdressing accessories with hair jewelry very practical, for example for a wedding then think Y. You can also make hair jewelry by yourself. It would be a pity if you only notice your hair …


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