Do you want to lose 5 kilos? With this battle plan, you finally get it!


Small number, big problem: Just losing 5 kilos sounds so easy. But anyone who ever wanted to get rid of a few pounds knows this is not easy.

The first kilo has disappeared quickly, but once you have sinned, the kilo is already on it again. 5 kilos decrease appears in such moments infinitely difficult.

But do not worry! With the right battle plan you can do this and the annoying 5 kilos are gone and will not come back! To help you lose weight permanently, you should take a closer look at various aspects in your life and change a few things.

This starts with eating behavior. Of course, you do not have to switch completely to raw food and salad just because you want to lose these 5 kilos. But a small bit of renunciation is already part of it. For example, you do not always want chocolate or fast food. Or that you begin to pay more attention to your diet.

Sport is also part of it, if you want to lose weight. Whether it is 5 kilos, 10 or more. Losing weight is easier with sport, because you burn many calories, attack the fat reserves and even build muscle, so the body becomes beautifully tight.

Here are the best tips with which the 5 kilos finally disappear:

Nutritional protocol and identify bad habits

Frustration Eater or Naschkatzze: If you want to lose these annoying 5 kilos one for all times, you have to know your bad habits. For this, you should have a nutritional record for at least one week. Write down everything you eat. Try to make as accurate gram readings as possible and do not forget the drinks. Since we often eat without being hungry, you should also note how you felt before eating.

Sit down after the week and look where the extra kilos come from. Are fast foods and ready-made guilt, sweets, chips or perhaps calorie-rich drinks? This knowledge helps you a lot when you want to lose 5 kilos, because you should change something about these things.

Bad habits turn into good: frustration eaters

Emotions often play a big role when it comes to food. Are you also part of the frustration or boredom eaters? Then come here a few tips, what you can do instead to finally lose weight.

Tips for Frust-Eaters:

  • Talk about the anger, most directly with the one who caused it.
  • Call a good friend and be comforted.
  • Do something good and do some relaxing exercises. This is also possible in the office or in between.

Bad habits turn into good: boredom-eaters

Food is a great remedy for boredom – but one thing you should definitely despair. Do you prefer to spend time with these things?

  • Take a walk or turn a round around the block.
  • Call a friend.
  • See you new hobbies.

Bad habits turn into good: stress-eaters

For many of us, stress stress is an integral part of everyday life. Just stupid that you eat more often during stress. Relax and prefer these tips:

  • If all things eat away, you do not unconsciously dig into open bags.
  • Distributes work when it gets too much.
  • Brings more structure into the day and so tries to avoid stress.

  • Bad habits turn into good: sweet tooth

    You just can not leave your fingers out of sweets? Do not forbid them, even if you want to lose these 5 kilos. Prohibitions only make you more appetite. Keep these tips in mind:

    • Rationiert Schoki and Co., for example, allows you 1 table per week.
    • Choose sweets that do not have quite as many calories, such as fruit or liquorice, which contain sugar but not fat. Or Russian bread.

    Try to be consistent

    Would you like to lose 5 kilos quickly? Then you have certainly already tried one or the other diet . Light weight diets promise fast weight loss, eg 5 kg in 2 weeks or 1 month. Leave the fingers of these diets. You take off, but afterwards as fast again. To permanently lose weight and weight, you should change your diet in the long term.

  • 5 kilos lose weight: Tips for a healthy, balanced diet

    Whether you want to lose 5, 10 or 20 kilos, the best way is a diet change. With the nutritional protocol, you have already found out where your weakness is. In any case you should work with the above tips.

    In addition, you should stick to the recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition. Eat a portion of vegetables three times a day and a portion of fruit twice a day. Both are low in calories but contain many vitamins and minerals. Get used to eating vegetables for every meal. Build your warm meal for the vegetables. Reduces the noodle and meat portion in favor of vegetables.

If you want to lose 5 kilos or more, you should also eat whole grain products instead of white flour food. They last longer and contain more fiber. The low-fat variant is preferred for milk products. You should eat meat only a maximum of three times a week and then only a small portion. You should not forbid sweets, fast food and ready-made meals, but pay attention to small portions and do not attack daily.

Small tip: Drinks are often forgotten. Juice, soda or even coffee with sugar or syrup are small thickeners. Drinks prefer water and tries to reduce sugar in coffee or tea.

5 kilos: Are bread & noodles the enemy?

In times of low carb, noodles and bread from all those who want to lose weight are regarded as declared enemies. This is not true at all. Only simple carbohydrates that are found in sweets, light noodles, rice, white flour products, cakes or fast food are problematic . You should only eat small portions of these foods. But there is no objection to complex carbohydrates, which are contained in whole wheat, whole grain noodles or natural rice.


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