Taking care of your nails in everyday life


Nail care involves monitoring their color and appearance.

Taking care of your nails in everyday life goes through simple techniques, but done on a regular basis.

Nail care: daily hygiene care

Like every organ of the human body, nails can develop various pathologies:



Yellow nail,

Melanoma of the nail,

Onychomycosis, etc.

Nail disorders: onychopathy

In order to preserve their health, it is important to carry out daily care. It will then be possible to have the privilege the beautification of the nails by the application of beauty care: french manicure, application of nail polish, pose of a nail decoration, etc.

Techniques for nail care

Here are some things to do daily:

  • Washing the hands with water and soap, focusing on the edges of the nails,
  • Brushing (always with water and soap) between the white part and the pulp of the fingers, in order to eliminate the maximum dirt. However, avoid rubbing too hard,
  • Rinse with lukewarm water: make sure to dry your hands thoroughly with a towel,
  • Moisturizing the hands with a moisturizer: focusing on nails and cuticles.

Also consider:

  • Cut your nails regularly: focus on nail clippers,
  • The limer: allows to eliminate a split nail that hangs and promotes the regrowth of the nail,
  • Remove the cuticles from the nails using a specialized device.

Check the health of your nails and feed them!

Regularly, it is important to check the condition of your nails, their color, etc. In case of deformities, redness, pain, discharge of pus, discoloration / color change or fall of the nail, do not hesitate to consult a doctor or a dermatologist,

It is possible to fortify and solidify the nails with the aid of an additional supply (alimentation):

Some supplements are put on sale in supermarkets or pharmacies,

These nutritional supplements are not drug treatments.


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