Is doing sports outside when it’s cold, good or bad?


Often, when I say that I’m going to run and the thermometer shows -5, they look at me with big eyes. As if doing sports outside was a madness. Yet, the practice of an outdoor sport continues without any real worry in winter, provided that you take some precautions.

If sporting in winter was dangerous, imagine, the number of Canadians, Americans, Scandinavians and just our Savoyard or Pyrenean friends who would be in dirty sheets!

No, let’s be serious. Practicing an outdoor sport (running, cycling, skating, skating in nature, hiking …) when the weather turns around zero remains a healthy habit.

4 Reasons for doing sports outside

Good for health

Sport, both summer and winter, is an important health factor. Even though you do not prepare for the Olympics, you must pursue a regular practice, which is part of a healthy lifestyle.

To tone, to balance your breath, to take the air, to move the body. And in winter, this keeps a certain tone, boosting the immune defenses.

Good for spirit

The riders know it well: after a certain period of exercise (about 40 minutes), one wakes up its endorphins; These hormones that contribute to feel happy. So rather than comat on the sofa to mop up by pinpointing, we will do a hike, a bike ride, a jog, a soccer with the children!

And if you can, you get a week’s ski.

Good against stress

Turn your nervous fatigue into physical fatigue. You feel so good after a bike ride, shower and tea!

And instead of stuck in the office to avoid the chilly air, on the contrary, put on your sneakers, and go run 45 minutes. Moreover, at lunchtime, you will also take a good dose of light, very important for health in winter. Brightness plays on fixing certain vitamins and on morale.

Good for the line

In winter, rather than obstinate you to make fat in front of Netflix, push yourself out! The combined effect of spicy air and sports practice will increase caloric expenditure.

Balance, we burn more. Bye bye the harmful effects of raclette!


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