SOS: my intolerant skin cannot stand anything!


When the skin rejects make-up, perfume and care, it becomes irritated, tingles, blushes and can not tolerate the slightest friction, we often find ourselves disarmed. But do not panic, you are given the strategy to adopt to keep your skin intolerant and thus regain comfort and radiance.

1. Limit the ingredients

First step to restore the skin a boost: make a cross on the harmful ingredients in some cosmetics , which only worsen the case of intolerant skin. If the best solution is to decrypt the INCI list of the components of each product used can also be more easily move towards expressly provided care as hypoallergenic, paraben, fragrance , and formulated under medical supervision, such as the Soothing Cream Pro-Tolerance for the face of Mixa. Its moisturizing and ultra-soothing formula is certified by the European Foundation for Allergy Research, ECARF, and its protective vial protects it from contamination.

2. Limit products

In both skin care and make-up , it is essential to limit the number of products used to the maximum. A cleaner and a serum, cream, makeup base , a foundation , powder, blush … So friendly they are, this is too much for our skin that must assimilate dozens and dozens of Ingredients and may overdose. To over-treat, to camouflage, one risks to discover the principle of the rebound effect.
In everyday life, we therefore content ourselves with a washing oil, a body care, a facial cream, and if necessary one opts for a veil of foundation mineral powder (of course, one does not zap Under any pretext the stage of removing make-up). The good tip to soothe her skin to n ‘

3. Treat with gentleness

Which says sweet products, also says gentle gestures. On leaving the shower, one avoids at all costs to rub the skin with its bath towel. Instead, water is absorbed by gently tapping.
To reduce the discomfort caused by the friction of the clothing, the parts are too thick or too tight with the visible seams, and preference is given to natural materials such as cotton, to which the labels are removed and which are cleaned using Of a hypoallergenic lye.
Moreover, to apply its care, one masses delicately with the tip of the fingers. Farewell brushes, sponges and cotton.

4. Staying safe

We think of protecting ourselves from external aggressions. To avoid further trauma to your skin, pay attention to sudden changes in temperature, and try as far as possible not to overheat your parts and keep their humidity levels at an optimal level.
Outdoors, protect your face as much as possible from the wind and avoid exposure to the sun.
Also limestone: limit the duration of the shower or bath, and prefer warm water to hot water.
Finally, we make a cross on too spicy food, coffee, alcohol and of course the cigarette, which inconvenience the skin all the more.


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