Sorry, dear! Men hate these 5 fashion trends!


If you want to impress the men’s world with your outfit, you should not wear this better.

We women are really stuck in a pinch. On one shoulder sits the little feminist, whispering: Shit on men and put on what pleases you! On the other, the eternal romanticism crouches and asks: But you want to please him, right?

We just can not get rid of it – we are interested in what the men think about our outfit . Therefore, we have started a small survey among men: What fashion trends hate men? Here comes the top 5 of the abbots!

1. Harem pants

If the male world could banish a piece of clothing forever, it would be the harem pants. This is easy for the gentlemen too sackful. And they are somehow right. From the rear, our Po looks more like Pampers instead of Pamela.
The compromise: a figurative jogging trousers . This is at least as comfortable, but a lot more flattering for the downside.

2. Blaumeans

 Also among the abbots: wide jumpsuits made of jeans fabric and long dungarees. The blue dividers simply remind the men of the construction site.

3. Oversize sweaters

Yes, they are trendy. Yes, they are comfortable. And yes, we love her – but that does not matter. Men just do not like the XXL-Schluffi-Pullis. The same reason as the Harem Pants: The oversize – sweater covered too much.

A tip to goodness: Wear an exciting top bra under the XXL-Pulli and pull the sweater over one shoulder. So the trend part gets a sexy update, which will surely please him.

4. Statement jewelry

With sparkling statement jewelery , some of us become the Elster: “The glitter, the MUST I have!” But what triggers snapping and shock-abasement in us does not necessarily meet with men. You’ll find too much glitter and wobble on your neck and ears just too much.

Much better are his little earrings and filigree chains. They look wonderfully feminine.

5. Ecolabeling

Pantoletten á la Birkenstocks definitely belong to the fashion hating men. Because the eco-kickers are so wonderfully comfortable and a treat for our wretched feet, we whistle in the case, but simply times, what the gentlemen think so.


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