Skin booster! You can make a peeling yourself – with fruits, yoghurt or honey


What does a peeling actually bring?

Our skin renews itself all by itself every 28 days. In this time, skin cells are transported from the depth to the surface, where they are eventually dropped or removed. The older we get, the slower it goes. Peelings bring the cycle of renewal back on track.

In addition, some skin problems have to get rid of dead cells by themselves. “Herniation disorder” the expert calls this phenomenon. If old skin cells clog the pores, impurities such as blackheads are pre-programmed. Peelings remove the contaminated sites from the skin and release the pores.

How to make a peeling yourself?

Homemade peels work in two ways: they either rub the old cells with fine granules or contain chemical substances, such as acids or enzymes, which dissolve them. The ingredients for this could also usually be in a cookbook: milk products, oat flakes or exotic fruit.

The best thing about it: Because these peelings could theoretically even eat, the skin tolerates them very well. Since they are freshly stirred, no preservatives are required. And the peelings which are self controlled are also more favorable. Making peelings yourself is quite easy – promised!

Body peeling with olive oil and sugar

Olive oil is a true care classic – in the self-made peeling , it provides for the re-lubrication of the skin and reduces the friction.


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp sugar (not too coarse)

Here’s how:
Simply mix the sugar in a bowl with the oil. In the shower, massage into the skin in circular movements and rinse again! The skin is thensoft, and the olive oil maintains the skin – a Bodylotion is no longer necessary .

Face peeling with honey and curd cheese

This peeling is suitable for the face with fine sugar:


  • 2 tablespoons of quark
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 tbsp fine sugar

Here’s how: mix the curd, honey and sugar and rub the moistened, cleaned face with it. The sugar rubs off the dead skin cells and stimulates the blood circulation, the lactic acid in the quark provides moisture and the honey acts clarifying and soothing.

Too much mixed? Peeling -Rest can be eaten!

Body peeling with coffee

A peeling with coffee invigorates and tightens. Caffeine also acts on the skin! Caffeine stimulates a fat-cleaving enzyme, therefore massages with coffee extract also help against cellulite .


  • 5 tbsp freshly brewed coffee powder
  • Body oil

Here’s how:
After showering, moisten the slightly moist skin. Then apply the paste of coffee powder to the skin and massage with circular movements. After a few minutes rinse with plenty of water.

Face peeling with almond bran

Reiskleie has been used in Japan for centuries for beauty care. Easier to get is with us almond bran (eg in the reform house), which can be used just as well for mild face speelings, which also sensitive skin do well.

Ingredients : 3 tbsp natural yoghurt
1 tsp honey
2 tbsp. Almond wedge

How to:
Mix the yogurt with the honey and the almond bran. Apply to cleansed skin and massage in for 3 minutes. The honey clears and soothes the skin, while the lactic acid of the yoghurts has a cleansing effect. The bran rubs the dead skin gently.

Facial scrub with banana and papaya

Dry skin does not tolerate peelings with abrasive particles. It needs the gentle, but no less thorough, rubella by enzymes. These chemical substances also occur in fruits and gently dissolve the old cells without irritating or drying out the skin. The enzyme papain is – as the name suggests – in Papayas. The exotic fruits are therefore a perfect exfoliating ingredient.


  • 100 grams of pulp of a mature papaya
  • 50 grams of banana
  • 1 tbsp honey

Here’s how:
Mix the banana with a fork and mix with the pureed papaya. Then add the honey . Apply the paste to the face, leave to soak for six minutes, massage briefly and rinse with lukewarm water. Important

: For all homemade peels with ingredients from the kitchen: Remain either eat or throw away! The blends spoil quickly and a microbial peeling mix is ​​no longer good for the skin. If, on the other hand, it is a matter of freshness, you can also enjoy fresh skin thanks to self-made peels.


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