A Romantic breakfast for Valentine’s Day


When the Valentine’s Day is at the door, lovers every year are again getting anxious as they want to surprise their partner in the best way. A beautiful idea – away from flowers, perfumes, jewelery and more – is to prepare a romantic breakfast for Valentine’s Day for the sweetheart.

If you plan to surprise your sweetheart with a breakfast for Valentine’s Day, you will first need the ingredients for your romantic breakfast for two. Stress-free is when you buy the ingredients one or two days before the big day.

A few suggestions for your breakfast to Valentine’s day we have put together for you.

Shopping list for breakfast for Valentine’s Day

  • Cheese (variations of fresh cheese)
  • Smoked salmon with horseradish cream
  • Different kind of sausages
  • Eggs and bacon for scrambled eggs
  • Fruit salad with seasonal fruits
  • Tomato and mozzerella
  • Honey melon with serrano ham
  • Various types of jam
  • Honey and nutmeg Tea, coffee and milk
  • Piccolo bottle Sparkling wine
  • Oranges for freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Muffins, bread, rolls and croissants

Homemade delicacies for Valentine’s Day

If you have enough time in advance, it is particularly nice to bake the bread , the muffins or the croissants yourself and make bread spreads – from jam to herbal quark – for the breakfast itself. Also a homemade muesli or a smoothie of fresh berries is a nice idea for a breakfast for Valentine’s Day. Intermediate can of homemade chocolates try for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day: hearty messages

If you plan to serve a fried egg on Valentine’s Day, you can even fry the egg in a heart-shaped pan in special panes, turning it into a hearty eye-candy. You can also cut the cheese and the sausage in a heart-shaped way or cut out heart-shaped biscuit molds in a wide variety of sizes and dress on a pretty plate. Heart cutters also make toast slices or butter for breakfast for Valentine’s Day. A heart-shaped blob jam also looks very nice on a sandwich with fresh cheese or butter. You can also make your own homemade rolls into a heart before baking.

Or how about a hearty message to Valentine’s Day in the drink? With special silicone molds, you can freeze ice cubes from water or juice to heart and give it into the drink of your choice as an eye-catcher. In addition, you can still cut fruit slices in heart shape and place on the glass edge. Mangos, pineapples or apples are particularly suitable for this. On hot drinks such as cappuccino or latte macchiato, a cocoa heart made of a decorative spreader makes itself particularly good.


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