Revise your classics with the recipe for apple crumble!


First spotted on the English or American tables, the crumble has conquered our palates and we love it, especially at the time of dessert, a brunch or a snack. It is with a great classic (but never to be tasted), the apple crumble, that you are introduced to the crumble mania. It’s time for a simple, quick and succulent recipe to revise the fundamentals!

At the origin of the crumble, there is the English cuisine of course! In English, the word crumble means “crumb”: that explains the special texture of crumble dough.
Even if it is declined with all the fruits and vegetables (if so, in salty version too!), We, we particularly like apple crumble.
Simple and economical recipe (a layer of dough on a bed of fruits), this recipe of dessert allows to eat (and to make eat) of the most recalcitrant fruits. And then, as the apple crumble recipe is realized in part with your fingers, you can even embark on crumble adventure with the kids … They love to knead!

The ingredients you need for a good apple crumble

For 8 people
8 medium sized apples
50g of coarsely chopped walnuts
150g of flour
140g of red sugar
1/2 cc of cinnamon powder
125g of butter cut into small pieces
Optional: ice the vanilla or cream whipped
20g raisins

The basic recipe for apple crumble

1 / First, preheat the oven to 180 ° C (th.6)

2 / Peel, seed, and cut the apples into pieces. This is the longest stage, if the apple crumble recipe is uncomplicated!

3 / Arrange them in a high enough pie pan or a baking dish and sprinkle with raisins. 4 / In a bowl, mix flour, nuts , the sugar and the cinnamon . Incorporate the butter a little soft. The whole must form crumbs more or less large. In fact, it is the same principle as a sanded dough, except that no binder (egg, water) is added, We do not try to form a ball to be spread. We want to obtain here a granular paste, which reminds one of sand a little wet: it must be worked with the fingertips so that it remains sandy then becomes crusty when cooking. 5 / Divide this mixture over the apples, bake until golden brown (about 35 minutes).

Tips to make your crumble dough even better

In a crumble, one always finds, in variable proportions:

  • Flour: wheat flour, white or whole wheat flour, but half of corn flour, buckwheat flour, rye flour or chestnut can be used to lightly perfume it.
    With exotic fruits, you can mix flour and grated coconut powder.
  • Butter: sweet or semi-salt, it is essential to give the dough its texture so special!
  • For fruit crumbles : sugar, white or red, according to your taste.
  • Optionally, another dry element, to further perfume the dough. For example, almond powder or hazelnuts for fruit-based crumbles (which replaces part of the flour).
    For salty crumbles, sometimes cheese, preferably rather dry, parmesan or finely grated, is added to perfectly mix.
  • And according to inspiration, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg), herbs (preferably dry, to mix perfectly with the dough), salt and pepper of course if you opt for a salty crumble!

Our variants of sweet crumbles

You can make crumbles in any season: it is a great way to eat fruit (but beware, the more they cook, the more they lose their vitamins)!
Simply distribute the dough on a bed of compote or fresh fruit in a baking dish or a simple gratin mussel and bake the whole 20 to 40 min in oven th.6-7 (180-210 ° ).
Some ideas of gourmet blends:

  • The most classic: apple crumble. Use cooking apples, and perfume your cinnamon or ginger sauce. And why not mix apples and pears in equal quantities? Also remember to put a few drops (not too much) of orange blossom and lemon juice on your apples.
  • The most British: the rhubarb crumble. To make it not too sweet, make a compote half apples-half rhubarb. Acidulated, it combines very well with raspberries.
  • The most colorful : the red fruit crumble. Add diced apples, pears or bananas to prevent them from making too much juice. And do not forget to sweeten your fruit a little directly if you use a frozen unsweetened mixture.
  • The most gourmet: enrich your compote with chocolate chips. Terribly good with an apple-banana compote for dark chocolate and deliciously gourmet with a compote apple-raspberry, or a mixture pineapple banana mango for white chocolate chips!
  • Most healthy: consider adding organic granola or oatmeal to your crumble dough, removing some of the flour. You will get an even more crisp preparation, which marries wonderfully well with fruits.

What to serve with a crumble dessert?

The crumble can be enjoyed warm or cold. It is often served with an English custard, a vanilla ice cream (perfect with apple crumble) or thick cream.
In England, we propose “clotted cream”, a cream very tasty and thick which resembles a little mascarpone.

Dare the salt crumbles!

On the same principle, why not serve salt crumbles? The fruit filling is replaced by a vegetable filling, enriched or not enriched with small pieces of meat, cheese or fish. Perfect for using leftovers! Some ideas :

  • The sunniest: tomatoes confit in the pan, covered with crumble paste with parmesan and herbs of Provence,
  • The most wintery: purée of pumpkin or potimarron enriched with bacon, with a crumble paste with walnuts,
  • The most festive: crumble with salmon crumbs covered with dill crumble,
  • The fastest: grated crushed courgettes, feta dices, with a crumble with green olives and basil.

And crumbles without cooking?

We all dreamed at the restaurant in front of the crumbles where the fruit remained fresh and crisp: for example, strawberry crumble, which can not be realized with cooked strawberries. But how do they do it?
The trick: just cook the crumble dough on a large baking sheet for 15 min in a hot oven (th.7, 210 °). When it is golden and crunchy, remove it from the oven and allow to cool. Then prepare the fruit salad of your choice (red fruits, exotic fruits like mango, but not too much juice) and sprinkle it when you serve as crumble dough: and here is your fresh fruit crumble on your table!


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