Here is a recent trend for your nails: Nail UV Gel


The application of UV gel is a technique that allows to create false nails directly on the natural nail.

The false nails are sculpted or modeled directly on the natural nail. A resin, which is in the form of a gel, is applied to the natural nail after preparation. Once modeled, it is dried using a specific material, usually a special UV nail lamp:

  • The nail UV lamp is a system that emits moderate UV radiation;
  • It is usually reserved for professional use (beauty institute, institute of nail prostheses, etc.) and dedicated to nail care.

Preparing your nails before UV gel modeling

Before any application, whether resin or gel, it is imperative to perform manicure care  :

  • Cutting nails with a nail clipper ,
  • (For the application of UV gel, the nail surface must also be filed) with a nail file ,
  • Polishing nails,
  • Regrowth of the cuticles.

This is the basis of all nail care.

Application of nail UV gel: instructions for use

For the application itself, it is necessary to proceed in stages and according to the type of gel used:

  • Adherent gel:
    • Place in thin layers the gel on the nail,
    • Dry for about 2 minutes under the UV lamp.
  • Gel type varnish: to apply like a varnish, to dry in the open air,
  • Other gels: some gels require application in several layers, allow to dry under the UV lamp between each application.

Other treatments may also be added:

  • French manicure ,
  • Laying nail polish ,
  • Nail decoration with piercing, decal or nail jewelery, etc.

Nails in UV gel: institute or kit?

Gel nails can be done very well at home, when equipped for:

  • Manicure equipment,
  • Kit of false nails.

The prices are very variable, which makes it possible to find inexpensive kits. But it is better to have this care done in an institute where qualified professionals provide you with this care that requires technical and dexterity.


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