Prevent, cure, camouflage… Bye bye the brown spots!


The sun, pregnancy, age or acne, the pigment spots gives hard times. What if we decided not to let ourselves be beaten by all these?


As long as to do, to prevent rather than to cure. And even if it is already too late, so limit the damage by preventing the spots from continuing to proliferate on our skin.

Rule # 1: The best way to avoid brown spots remains to protect her skin from the sun. We repeat it often, UV are on our beauty blacklist . Even through the clouds, they destroy our skin slowly. So whatever the season, wherever one is, one thinks of applying a high index cream. Easy, with more and more day creams (but also BB, CC, DD and company) with protection index up to 50+, ultra lights and easy to wear everyday. We do not even see the difference with a classic cream!

Rule # 2: Do not scratch, puncture, or even just touch her small (or big) buttons. It is the only solution to avoid inflammations, which form small brown or red spots just as unsightly as acne itself. One takes its evil in patience and one adopts a ritual healthy beauty, to balance our skin without attacking it. In case of persistent problems, one goes to the dermato.


Well, and those that are already well installed, how are they eliminated?
The ideal way to cure your spots is to start with a visit to the dermatologist, who can tell us whether it is superficial or deeper, and direct us to the appropriate techniques.
At home, a real ritual is put in place to fight against everyday tasks.

The good
morning and evening ritual :
1. A mild exfoliating cleanser to lighten the complexion, gently eradicate the dead cells and refine the skin texture.
2. An anti-stain serum to illuminate and correct the complexion while preserving the youthfulness of the skin.
3. Finally, a moisturizing anti-stain cream to treat deeply.
And we do not forget the body! A moisturizing milk, also equipped with an anti-stain complex, is chosen .

Good shopping
The Bright Now range from Laboratoires Surface-Paris is specially formulated to treat and slow the appearance of imperfections created by hyperpigmentation, caused by prolonged exposure to the sun and a sign of premature skin aging. Vitamin B3, Mandelic Acid (derived from bitter almond extract) or Sabiwhite (derived from the turmeric plant) lighten the complexion and activate cellular regeneration while promoting the elimination of pigmented cells.

A RDV pro

To effectively get rid of stains, there are more radical but often more costly solutions.
In an institute, a clearing is offered. In dermatology, techniques such as cryotherapy, laser, pulsed light , depigmenting peeling may be used.

Grandmother’s stuff

Several vegetable and essential oils have already proven themselves in anti-stain. For the followers of natural solutions, here are some remedies:
– lemon juice
– castor oil
– aloe vera gel
– argan oil
– lemon essential oil .


For an immediate result, the artillery make-up.
Camouflage operation: Using a tone-on-tone correction foundation, each spot to be camouflaged is covered by small presses before smoothing out the contour. The color is uniformed by applying a beige foundation, in harmony with the color of the skin that is fixed thanks to a powder and a fine mist of thermal water.

At every step, we try to have the lightest hand possible! The proof with our friends the stars, nothing prettier than a natural look.


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