Precautions to be taken for Doing Sports Outside


If you like outside sports, there are some things that you should keep in mind!

Warm up well!

It’s cold ? Your muscles must start moving gradually. Winter being a season more conducive to tendinitis and especially to muscular contractions if one forces cold.
Increase warm-up time and protect sensitive areas. So the runners and hikers will wear higher socks or even gaiters to preserve their ankles for example.

Go easy!

Cold already mobilizes the energy of your body so no wonder your tone will take a hit. No need to try to break records, to run, to run fast, to surpass yourself. Consider your sporting session out at a level a little bit below, especially for cardio activities.
If you really feel like you are going to faint, replace your outdoor session with a small indoor workout.


If you have a cold, going out will do you good if you are not stupid. Be careful not to aggravate your situation if you sweat because you are overly covered. Once sweating, you can cool down even more quickly.
If you can, breathe preferably through the nose, and if it is super cold, with a neck strap that you put in front of the nose while waiting to accomodate the respiratory system.

Cover yourself well, of course!

Certainly, this seems an unstoppable logic and yet: many beginner outdoor sportsmen make the mistake of covering too much. Balance, they sweat then, at the stop, cool twice faster and … catch a cold!
So cover the neck, the top of the head (where the heat loss is particularly strong), the ears and the hands. Use appropriate, breathable clothing in which you can move.
Better to superimpose two to three thin layers with a zippered collar in case you warm up quickly.

What if it’s dark?

In winter, if you go jogging early in the morning or when you come back from work by bike, you must not neglect the lighting.
On foot, a headlamp will be appreciated.
Think of textiles with reflective details.

Beware of pollution!

Only downside to the practice of an outdoor sport: the level of fine particles.
Do not think, however, that because you will be confined to the subway, in your car, in the office, you will not be exposed!
One must first reflect on its place of practice, and on this point, the mountaineers and the rural inhabitants have a certain advantage over the townspeople. In addition, inquire about the level of pollution and keep in mind


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