The Most Popular Hair Color Trends of this Season


Each season there are lots of colors for our hair, and it is ideal to change it regularly! Focus on the colors that will make your hair speak. For winter 2017, will you let yourself in to the trends?

The naked chestnut

Want a natural color which is also easy to maintain? This is the one you need. Half way between the warm shades (the polar blonde), it finds its balance in the hues of chestnut and sublime all types of carnations. And yes, its luminous reflections and its perfectly balanced color will give improve your beauty enormously with the natural look!

Blonde overlays

In winter, do gray days and cold tend to depress you? See life in blond! This season, the colors play in your favor because there is not only one type, but several blonde hair types that you will be able to display.

For the clear skins, the mixture of colors will be made from cold shades and gilded while the darker skins will mix golden and amber. For maximum light, in your hair and your morale.

The Rainbow

Rest assured, the idea is not to see you with fluo-colored hair! No, this year, the concept is discreet … hidden in your hair! The goal ? It is to express your emotions, your colorful character! Example:

In flashy or pastel version, it promises you a unique style, with the freedom to choose whether or not to display it!

The hair contouring

As soon as the contouring is installed in your make-up routine, the hair contouring makes its appearance. In the same spirit as the first, it allows to define the coloration thanks to games of shade and light, depending on the shape of your face, the color of your eyes and your complexion.

Now you can create illusions in the hair by revealing different shades (with the help of your hairdresser). Depth, volume, light … Everything is worked for a tailor-made result, adapted to you, and to you only!

Bleached hair

Platinum, blond polar, blond gray, white blond … The blond likes to display extreme for several seasons. The technique used? The bleach (French discoloration), reputed not to do that good to our hair … But no panic, for our changes of colors, radical or not, L’Oréal Professional created the service Smartbond. The blogger and finalist of Miss Switzerland Sindi Arifi has tested it and seems to have loved the result:

More precisely, Smartbond is THE salon service to preserve the hair fiber during a coloration or discoloration. Perfect to preserve the hair when changing color! The keratinous bonds, responsible for the shape and appearance of the hair, are treated and your hair is stronger than if Smartbond had not been used. The objective? It can change head without damaging the hair fiber. What daring coloring, for a simple effect of light as for a true metamorphosis. Go hop, we file appointment with his hairdresser L’Oréal Professionnel! It will add Smartbond Care directly to the coloring for a successful change.

And for information, last June, tops hairdressers L’Oréal Professionnel met 26 models wishing to discolour their hair. Each of the transformations was made with the help of Smartbond, and all confirm that the hair appears nourished and healthy, they even seem to have gained in density. The result in pictures:


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