What should you pack in your clinic bag?


When the day of birth approaches: What you need in the clinic

Your pregnancy is coming to an end and it’s only a few weeks until your birth date ? Then it is time to pack a bag with all the things you need in the hospital during labor and delivery .

If you want to give your baby to a clinic , print out the following checklist. However, if you are planning a homebirth, you should have a case for “all cases.” The list helps you to think about everything important, it makes sense to have the bag packed up to the 36th week of pregnancy , at the onset of labor to still need to run headlong through the apartment and search your toothbrush.

Hospitals have different guidelines regarding the provision of private things. Perhaps you want to provide a more personal and less clinical environment by taking your own pillows or bed linen, for example. Inquire beforehand what the clinic provides and what you can bring yourself. Keep in mind, however, that there is often a lack of space in the sickroom and that you may have to put all your belongings in a small cabinet next to the bed.

If you want, you can pack two bags: one for the birth and the hours immediately after delivery and one for your stay in the hospital. If you drive to the hospital by car, you can leave the second bag in the car.

Packing list

You need it for the pains

Mother’s passport

Health insurance card

Certificate of registration

Birth Plan

Bathrobe (useful when toilet and / or shower are outside the delivery room, which often occurs)


Warm socks (whether you believe it or not, cold feet inhibit the pains!)

An old night shirt or t-shirt that you can wear during birth. It will probably be quite dirty, so do not buy something new to wear.

If you wear contact lenses: a storage box, liquid and your glasses. Do not wear contact lenses during labor and labor.

Pezziball, if not available in the delivery room.

Massage oil, if you want to be massaged in labor.

Lip balm

Snacks and drinks to strengthen during labor. Talk to the delivery room staff to see if it is permissible to eat during labor. Dextrose also gives energy. Alternatively: some cash for the cafeteria / kiosk

Things to relax: books, magazines, music, fragrance oil, maybe a scent lamp, if not present, a nice picture, maybe a pillow or animal.

A hair band. If you have long hair, you may want to tie them together.

TENS (device for pain therapy), if you want to use one.

Photos of loved ones or things (sometimes they give you the power you need to endure).

Approx. 1/2 liter very heavily cooked coffee (so strong that you can not drink it anymore), with which the midwife can soak towels and make the dam protection.

Washing utensils

Towels, hairbrush, toothbrush & paste, deodorant

Music: MP3 player, charging cable, headphones



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