Organize high tea? So you grab it!


What is a cup of tea without something sweet? The English ladies are there happily ever found the answer: the high tea. A good excuse to combine tea and whatnot with friends. Here are a few helpful tips that help you on your way to organize a high tea.

Create invitation

Want the official address, you send friends or an official invitation. Pinterest is full of the good ideas, such as an invitation in the shape of a teapot. Or give everyone a small bag of loose tea to get in the mood.

Beautiful crockery

Beautiful tableware, check. Because you want to of course a beautifully set table. Serve why tea in an ornate teapot and matching teacups and put all appetizers on a whatnot. No cabinet in the house? This video shows how easy you make yourself one with everything you already have at home.

Tea Selection

Because you are at a high tea serves both sweet and savory food, is intended to drink tea when appropriate. This enhances the flavors. Black tea, such as Earl Grey, combines well with savory dishes, while Jasmine tea goes well with sweet. Buy preferably loose tea at a tea specialist and get advice about the brewing method.

Savory and sweet

Finally you get the ingredients for the snacks at home. A high tea starts officially always savory, such as mini quiches and sandwiches. Thereafter, the following scones (sweet rolls) with jam and clotted cream. Finally, the sweet turn. Think of nougat and fudge from Lonka: always a good match with tea. Did you know that fudge originally from England?


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