Onion juice against gray hair


onion juice was once the recommendation of naturalists, if someone wanted to turn his gray hair back into the natural hair color. A few years ago, researchers announced that they had discovered a substance that would help against vitiligo – the so-called white spot disease of the skin – but also against gray hair. Interestingly, onion juice in the body can promote the formation of exactly this substance. Does onion juice help against gray hair? And if so, how to apply it?

Gray hair – No thanks!

Once the first gray hairs appear, people got panicked. Fortunately, there are haircolours that cover the problem in a short while, at least for two or three weeks.

But then a post-staining is necessary, as the gray always recalls with every millimeter of hair growth.

Possibly hair coloring with more or less chemical hair coloring soon becomes a thing of the past.

Gray hair

European scientists published recently in The FASEB Journal , a report on the likely causes graying and a way to prevent this or to stop.

In humans who get gray hair – according to the researchers – hair follicles due to massive oxidative stress cause an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide.

A certain formation of hydrogen peroxide in the body cells is normal. However, this hydrogen peroxide is rapidly degraded by certain enzymes (catalases) in the healthy body.

In humans who now get gray hair, not only the formation of hydrogen peroxide could be higher than usual, but there could also be a deficiency of those enzymes which are actually responsible for the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide, however, blocks the natural composition of melanin (the color pigment of skin and hair) and fades the hair in this way. It turns gray or white.

So one would have to find “only” a means, which could concern the removal of the hydrogen peroxide and which can of course be used without side effects and simple. This is exactly what the researchers believe to have found.


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