Nail varnish: an essential care product


The nail polish is a real beauty product, most often used for an aesthetic purpose. With nail polish, the nails can display various colors: sustained, deep, falshy or pearly.

But nail polish has other uses, including nourishing and nail care:

  • Strengthen brittle nails,
  • Feeding fragile nails,
  • Harden the nails.

It applies equally well to the nails of the hands as to those of the feet.

Several varieties of nail polish: choose well

The composition of the nail polish is in permanent improvement.

Characteristics of a varnish: resistance over time, ease of application …

The cosmetic laboratories constantly bring new components, in order to improve the performance of nail polish:

  • Better holding,
  • Texture more fluid,
  • Ease of application,
  • Better shelf life,
  • Nail care,
  • Fast drying time.

Choosing your nail polish: a few criteria

The varnish should not be aggressive to the nails.

As for the colors, the current choice is very wide: everyone can find its happiness there.

To choose your varnish, the best is of course to try it before you buy it: the cosmetic shops put at your disposal to “test”, use them!

Tips for applying your varnish

First, it is important to apply the varnish on healthy nails: in case of pathology of the nails , look after them before anything else.

Before applying, be sure to wash your hands:

  • If necessary, apply a layer of protective varnish or fortifier on the nails,
  • Then apply a first coat of the chosen varnish: drain well the brush before application,
  • Then repeat the operation about ten minutes later,
  • Allow the varnish to dry sufficiently and avoid any inconvenient work, just after installation.

Note: some varnishes dry quickly (less than a minute, for some). Think about this solution if you do not like to wait.


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