Nail Decoration: Nail Art


Nail art: a very personal decoration of the nails

Nail art has been developing for about twenty years. It consists of applying decorations on the nail: glitter, figures, decals, and even piercings.

True make-up of nails, developed from Asia before being exported to the West. Some young women succeed in making their nails into works of art.

All trends are possible: imagination seems to be the only limit to nail art.

Trends in nail deco: piercings, stains, etc.

The nail decoration is done on natural nails (healthyand without lesions) or on virtual nails. Here are the techniques that are most in vogue:

  • Nails in faux marble: laying a transparent varnish, then a darker varnish, in order to imitate the effects of marble.
  • Decals (motifs) applied to the nails: small flowers, random shapes, drawings, etc.
  • Nails spotted:
  • Imitation of the fur of the panthers or tigers.
  • Application of a yellow varnish on which is then applied a brown varnish, after drying.
  • Piercings: it consists of sticking patterns piercings on the nails, these patterns are generally metallic.

Practice nail art: at home or in an institute

To get an impeccable result, the nail decoration is done in beauty institute by professionals (beauticians, nail technicians): a practical solution, but uneconomical.

For those who are skillful of their hands, there is also the “home” version. For this, be well equipped:

  • cotton,
  • nail file,
  • Small scissors,
  • remover,
  • Protective varnishes and varnishes.

Note: specialty stores sell nail decoration kits.


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