André Courrèges and Yves Saint Laurent were not mistaken in making pants a real fashion piece, since women see it today as an indispensable. Work, leisure, first appointment or great opportunity: the pants are unanimous for all the moments of a woman’s life.

Ten pants on average

The survey shows that French women have ten pants on average in their wardrobes. In detail, nearly one in two respondents (46%) said they had between six and ten pants, 28% had more than ten pants, and only 18% had between four and five pants. A minority (6%) said they had only one to three pants.
“Trousers have become fashionable and fashionable for all generations, making them a practical, comfortable, stylish and chic everyday experience,” said Nicolas Flaud, Marketing Director of Bréal.

The privileged straight cut

One in two respondents said they prefer straight cuts, which generally adapt to all shapes and morphologies. Almost one-third (31%) favor adjusted cuts and a minority (12%) swear by the bootcut.
The cut of the trousers, however, depends strongly on the age of the wearer. The youngest (18-34 year olds) thus set their sights on adjusted cuts (60% for 18-24 year olds, 40% for 25-34 year olds), whereas the more than 50 years favor the right cuts (61 % For those aged 50-64, and 68% for those aged 65 and over).

What are the ideal trousers for the French? Comfortable pants, regardless of the situation, for 75% of respondents. More than half of the panel (52%) is looking for pants that adapt to their morphology and which mitigate their small defects, while 18% demand absolute support and a flat stomach effect.

OpinionWay conducted the survey for Bréal on January 22nd, with a sample of 1,021 women, representative of the population of French women aged 18 and over.