Manicure – A good care of the nails


The manicure is part of the hygiene and beauty care of the nails, as well as the application of nail prostheses, virtual nails or UV gel nails.

Manicure: the beauty of the nails in question

The nails have several functions:

  • Protective: they protect the bed of the nail and also allow them to maintain,
  • Practical: they facilitate the grasping of the man (function of holding and catching), especially for small objects.

The nail also plays an aesthetic role because it can sublimate the hand when properly maintained. The manicure makes it possible to bring to the nails all the care necessary to their brilliance.

Manicure care: to be performed on healthy nails

In order to keep nails healthy, it is important to ensure daily care:

  • Cutting nails with a nail clipper,
  • Filing nails with a nail file,
  • Polishing nails,
  • Regrowth of the cuticles of the nails,
  • Application of creams, adapted ointments,
  • Application of nail polish: dyes, hardeners, treating agents.

In addition to this basic care, one can also start in:

  • The laying of false nails,
  • French manicure (with or laying false nails),
  • Decoration of nails: decals, piercings, etc.

It is quite possible to make your own manicure yourself, but some care is difficult to achieve on oneself.

Manicure kits are commercially available for this purpose.

For a perfect manicure, it is advisable to go to a beauty institute.

In the institute, the care of the nails is accompanied by massages of the hands.


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