Anti-aging Makup: Tips to look younger


At age 16, we wear makeup to look older. A 40, if we could rather look 10 years less … The solution? Choose a make-up discreet, natural, light, that plays with the face, camouflages, revives.

The preparation

The important thing before applying makeup is to leave on a good basis. A fresh complexion after a good night’s sleep and a well cleansed skin is ideal. It is applied on its anti-aging day cream , not too rich not to prevent the make-up from penetrating , drawing small circles on the face. A mini-massage that activates blood circulation, restores colors and describes the features.

If ever this morning you are rather of the gray-looking kind, no panic, there is a parade: the illuminator . In the form of a transparent fluid containing fine nacres, this product brings a satin finish, smoothed and radiant. To avoid on oily skin,

 And to pass a stroke of gum on the wrinkles, one opts for a smoothing base. It prepares the skin and helps keep the light hand on the foundation. This product contains fine particles that swell in the wrinkles to fill them in contact with the water contained in the skin, as well as polymers that form a very fine smoothing film for a second skin effect, and anti-aging active ingredients Which act over the long term. To avoid the mask effect, the areas marked by wrinkles are targeted by patting with a finger a small amount of product on the lion’s wrinkle, the naso-genic furrows or the geese’s feet.

The complexion

Hiding under a thick layer of foundation is never a solution. To perfect the result given by the base, we can put a thin layer of foundation fluid lifting , for caresses on the face, the center stretching to the root of the hair without pulling or pressing too hard so as not to move the Product of filling.

The choice of the editor?
It is cracked for the Rejuvenating Complexion Serum Dr. Pierre Ricaud , an anti-aging foundation with hyaluronic acid . Combined with the blurred effect of soft-focus powders, this pure active promises a youthful complexion. Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection, and its ultra-fluid texture available in 4 colors fuses perfectly with the skin, without marking or freezing the lines. Smooth, unified, revitalized, the complexion illuminates with a new youth for 12 hours.

To give a fresh and subtly shiny air to the cheekbones, apply a high blush to the cheeks of the cheeks, to avoid digging or tiring the features, a cream blush by favoring the warm and natural colors and avoiding the rosé or the orange.

The eyes

The recipe to defatiate the eye : darken the eyebrows that tend to brighten over time. One epilates to open the eye and one delicately redraws the upper line of the eyebrow with a shadow of the same tone or a pencil.

Question eyeshadow , is applied to a fixing base of nude tones that soften the lines, and fled pearlescent shadows with small shiny particles take pleasure in nestle into fine lines and make shine brightly.

No to the eyeliner that gondola on the slightly wrinkled eyes, and to the mascara on the lower lashes that plumbs the eye and creates a shadow bringing out dark circles and wrinkles. One opts for a makeup applied to the brush at the birth of the eyelashes, and a mascara lengthening fortifying on the upper eyelashes.

The mouth

To repulp the mouth, a soft satiny lipstick is preferred to a matte and dark texture, which tends to harden the lines and shrink the lips. The classic red lipstick remains a timeless chic at any age. Note that there are lipsticks containing collagen to give volume and smooth the small folds.


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