Love yourself: Make resolutions a habit!


Admittedly, it was really hard for me to motivate myself, but if you make it easy, then it goes by itself. For over a year I have been trying to change my lifestyle and the pig dog is always a faithful companion.
Many need the new year to do something. My experience has shown that resolutions only bring about what is done regularly. The training should be a habit.

As silly as it sounds, I’ve stopped thinking too much, but more. My bad habits, which did not do me good physically, have vanished by themselves and I do not miss them either. The training has now become so self-evident to me as to cook, work, attract me.

A goal and go on it. No, “I’m going to the gym tomorrow,” or “I’m going to go to the gym tomorrow,” but “there’s a gym, I’ll get in touch!” Or in the mornings first, the music on the ears before the head tells you what You have to do everything important.

Even small steps lead to the goal

We have all become mobile, so why not join a phone call with a walk or read the news of the day on the treadmill? For a lunch break, the brain can train freely.
If you travel through the Internet with your thoughts, you should look for a physical balance, because we need movement, so that we can think better. I personally find writing easier after a workout, and even problems that are fixed are often solved by themselves.



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