Would you like to have Low carb diet, but are you vegan! Here is your list!

Low carb stands for a diet with only a few carbohydrates. The low carb diet has many health benefits. Usually it is practiced to lose weight. But whoever feeds on low carb, usually automatically eat a lot of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. However, this is not always healthy and, moreover, ethically unacceptable to many people. So how can a low carb diet be designed that is healthy and vegan at the same time? Find with us everything worth knowing about the vegan low carb diet!

The vegan low carb diet

The very concept of “Vegan low carb diet” seems to be a contradiction in itself. Most people combine a low carb diet with lots of meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. So how can a diet be described as a low carb in which animal food has no place? How should a vegan low carb diet be knitted? And what does a person who is vegan AND low carb and who wants to eat healthy eat? Let us first understand what is behind “Low Carb” …

What is Low Carb?

The low carb diet is a low carbohydrate diet.

It is preferred by athletes and practiced by people who want to lose weight.

While carbohydrates are stored very quickly in the form of fat, excess protein (from the healthy body) is broken down and excreted via the kidneys.

The fat also abundant in the low carb diet is now used – because carbohydrates are missing – for energy production, as well as the excess body fat.

A lack of carbohydrates also keep the blood glucose and insulin levels low, which makes the fat breakdown easier and the storage of fat more difficult.

Thus, all prerequisites for successful weight loss are met.

What do you eat at Low Carb?

In the low carb diet, the carbohydrate content of the diet is greatly reduced.

The best known carbohydrate foods are bread, potatoes, dough and bakery products as well as sweets . They all do not belong in the low carb diet.

Instead, you concentrate on protein- and fat-rich foods and eat lots of vegetables and salads.

Protein rich and rich are in particular animal foods, so most low carb trailers consume abundant meat , fish , eggs and  dairy products.

Originally carbohydrate rich recipes are even quickly turned into low carb recipes.

Pizza, Bread & Bun – All Low Carb

The pizzabode is naturally not made from flour in the conventional low carb diet, but from mince or from an egg-tuna-hamburger cheese mixture.

Low carb rolls also consisted of the longest time from grain. In the low carb diet you bake them from eggs, fresh cheese, salt and baking soda.

And a low carb bread usually also consists mostly of eggs. Then, depending on the recipe, oil, protein powder, soy meal and a binder are mixed.


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