Would you like to be healthy and fit at any age? Take a look at these tips!


Whether jogging, walking, cycling or swimming: regular training keeps fit, young and active. Read how positive exercise affects your health.

The fact is: Virtually every person can and should move. Before newcomers, especially people with health problems, start a new sport, they should be advised by the doctor. Better safe than sorry. It does not always have to be a marathon at the same time: Nordic walking or walking can be, for example, alternatives adapted to individual resilience. If the doctor has given the green light, it means: finish with the inner pig dog and into the sports shoes! Those who are already active in sports know from experience how beneficial regular exercise affects mind and body. We have put together the right tips for beginners as well as for experienced athletes. Medical training based training plans,

More exercise – for your health’s sake

Move healthily: It is scientifically proven that sport has many positive effects on health. Sports physician and internist Dr. Karlheinz Zeilberger from Munich swears on the healing power of sport: “Every step is more good for us,” he emphasizes. For example, the immune system and the cardiovascular system have a very positive effect. But, of course, you should not just move on for reason: Sports is fun. Try it.

Healthy Weight Loss: Sports burns extra calories

Another great advantage of sports is that the physical activity burns additional calories. More exercise helps in weight loss and / or. Depending on the type and intensity of the exercise, you consume up to 800 additional kilocalories in an hour of sport. And even at rest the energy consumption of your body increases, because even inactive muscles burn more energy than adipose tissue.

Training according to plan: Tips for your fitness

Daily sports – or once a week? The truth is in between. It is ideal if you are doing sports three or four times a week, preferably with a day break between the training sessions, so that your body can recover. For beginners, it is particularly important that they increase their training slowly and not be overwhelmed. Give your body time to get used to the new requirements.

Which sport is right for you? Here, chronic patients should consult with their doctor. In general: a mixture of perpetual training and powerful exercises has proven to be particularly good. Forget about the widespread belief that burning calories burns less calories than when doing sports. Dr. Helge Knigge of the German Sports University of Cologne confirms that the energy balance is also impressive in the case of strength training – and beginners, senior citizens or people with a stronger preponderance often find that exercise exercises are often easier than endurance sports.

Conclusion : The possibilities for sporting activities are manifold. The right sport can be found for every type. It does not have to be jogging or soccer.


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