Do it Yourself: Hanging flower heads


Hanging plant pots create an immediate holiday feeling – even in the cold season. We’ll tell you how you make the pot pots themselves.

Why wait for the spring when we can get some tips to make our homes better now? We thought so and have already begun to give our home a touch of spring flair.How is the best? With lots of plants ,clear, and self-made, hanging flower heads. With those comes immediately holiday feeling .

You need this for hanging plant pots:

  • Natural yarn
  • plant pot
  • scissors

And that’s how easy it is:

1. Thread the threads through the hole in the pot and knot together above the pot (5 threads in total).

2. Cut the threads (please leave it long enough to hang the pot)

3. Tile all 5 threads at the top end.

4. Knot the individual threads together with another thread below the top edge.

Tip: Through the hole of the pot, more threads can be pulled and knotted with a ball. It is particularly beautiful when the plant holder is fastened to the ceiling . To do this, attach a small eyelet to the ceiling wall and attach the pot to it.


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