This hair color changes depending on the temperature


Blonde, brunette, pink or rather blue? If it is difficult to make a decision in the case of hair dyes, you will fall in love with this colorant: “Fire” is the name of the British Lauren Bowker, a hair color that changes according to the temperature. The colors range from a delicate pastel pink to a dark violet.

To see how it looks, and check these amazing colors, take a look at the following instagram account:

“Fire” was presented for the first time at London Fashion Week . And the It-Girls are already queuing, because everyone wants to try the hair color!

How does the mood color work?

“Heat or cold causes a chemical reaction with the color pigments in the hair and so the color changes,” explains inventor Lauren Bowker. In addition, significantly less toxoids were used in the preparation of the colorant than in conventional hair dyes.

Here is another;

When can you buy the hair color?

According to the company “The Unseen” some tests still have to be carried out before the hair color will be available in stores. We will keep you up to date and will test the color immediately!


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