Gypsum mask for skin: What is behind the beauty trend Hydrolage?


There are facial masks that you can simply use between you at home in the bathroom and those that you can only book in conjunction with a treatment with the beautician.

The latest beauty trend: Hydrolage

On beauty blogs you are currently reading about a special treatment: the hydrolage, a gypsum mask that is supposed to unfold a real miracle.

For example, Hannah Schumi writes on her blog Foxy Cheeks :

“Weeks ago I had a treatment at Reviderm Skinmedics booked – the little time out is doing really well. (…) As usual, we make a gentle microdermabrasion and then a hydrolage. The entire face is wrapped, moistened and soothed. My skin loves this kind of mask and looks fantastic after all – despite Micro. ”

Hydrolage: What is behind the plaster mask for problem skin?

A hydrolage consists of a collagen fleece, which is placed on the skin and soaked in hyaluronic acid. But that’s not all! The gusset is applied over the nonwoven so that your face, except for the nostrils, is completely packed. Under the gypsum a moisture chamber is created and your pores can open.

The advantages of a Hydrolage

Thanks to the combination of moisture and heat, the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin than with a conventional anti-aging mask. In addition, cell activity is stimulated.

The treatment result is already visible after the first treatment, whereby the boosting and lifting effect can last for several days. Your skin looks smoother, well moistened and less irritated. Dryness pits have disappeared and your complexion glows brightly.

This treatment is also suitable for women who suffer from eczema, couperosis or acne, because the hydrosystem acts like a fire brigade because of its high care.


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