Get ready for the sportiest collection of the 2017


The coming summer will be anything but monotonous! Colorful eyelids, strong eyeliner and colorful highlights on the face make this season a good mood.

The spring begins and it does not take much longer until summer. So, it is high time to learn about the most beautiful beauty trends that summer has to offer. And above all, you will become more colorful, wilder, louder! Already during the Fashion Weeks it is noticeable, especially the eyes in the focus are brought. Eyebrows and colorful eye-shadows play a role, but also striking eyelids in bright colors or colorful smokey eyes adorn the eyelids.

The eye make-up 2017 is so sporty

A great fashion hype in 2016 was the sporty and healthy lifestyle. Instagram and Co. are full of cool selfies from the fitness center, sports and fitness was a big theme this year and no woman came by the trend. In 2017, too, the fashion world is once again focusing on the healthy lifestyle, and that is also the reason for our beauty.

Let’s get physical!

Mascara and eyeliner have been around for a long time in colorful colors. But from now fashionistas will use them regularly. The eyes are emphasized: from strong green nuances to red and orange everything is there. With this styling, the colors are perfectly coordinated. The eye-shadow, the eyeliner, the kajal and also the mascara in the same color! The matching products can be found at M · A · C, the WORK IT OUT collection will be available in all M · A · C stores and online as of March 6, 2017.

What do you wear now?

So that the entire look does not overload now, we save on the lips. Colorless lip gloss or a gentle rose do not steal the eye makeup.

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