Gently and effectively combat dandruff? Yes, we can!


Flair & L’Oreal

Bad hair days are the worst, but rose is perhaps biting one step worse. White sheets succeed namely to ruin each section – even on days when your boxer with braids have much trouble styled perfectly. Charming? Not so much. But to treat? Certainly!
Do you have white flakes in your hair? You’re not alone, because research shows that up to 43% (!) Of women sometimes suffer from dandruff. Which surprisingly does not mean that we intervene massively to the anti-dandruff shampoos, because apparently there is a collective fear that we both our scalp and our hair thus burdening much. If we were there with our new line of Phytoclear Elsève he-le-times have to worry about: the shampoo will pamper your hair and let it shine and is also super effective against dandruff. Ideal.

Bye bye, Rose!

Elsève brings Phytoclear an anti-dandruff line without silicones on the market which is enriched with essential oils to remedy rose in a gentle yet effective way. The problem is tackled at the root (literally, ha), without affecting the overall health does suffer beneath her. Better yet, the weathered shampoo is formulated with vegetable oils that help condition the scalp and soften hair. Tea tree ensures that bacteria have no chance and lemongrass helps to restore the natural balance of your scalp while panacea geranium your hair and skin enriched with antioxidants. Win-win-win, so!


It is absolutely not necessary to seek alternatives in the form of a rinse with apple cider vinegar or a raw egg (Ugh, we know). Phytoclear contains tea tree, lemongrass and geranium to reduce dandruff visible and you keep her in tip-top condition. The collection includes four types of anti-dandruff shampoos and invigorating scrub and exfoliate your scalp hair before you wash your hair. Because yep, its scrub is the new kid in town – and we are already completely in love.


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