Everybody has one and only dressing style. Do you know how?


Did you know that we only have one style of dress? Did you know that your style does not change according to your age or your morphology?

Here are the explanations that justify these remarks which always shock people who wish to improve their image (not just their look).

We have only one style of dress, because we have only one personality, which certainly can be defined with several words. Aside from bipolar or schizophrenic people this definition is valid for everyone and based on our experience with more than 7,000 coached clients.

Have you ever met someone vulgar? I suppose so. In each outfit this person must have seemed vulgar to you. Similarly, a female person will be feminine in every situation, every outfit. An elegant person will be as well at a wedding or while playing tennis. We only have one style, which is tailored to your personality to be so authentic. An individual whose style is to be offbeat or original will be in all situations. This is the reason why it is important for you to define your dress identity.

Quite simply, if you disagreed with my remarks, you must be confused on style and clothing. In reality, one is a tool for tending towards the other. Clothes are ways to give style.

A guideline for dressing style

Before using clothes, you must first define a guideline, which amounts to defining your style.

Once your style is set, you will have a goal. This will allow you to measure the gap and the work to be provided between your current style and the desired style.

Second statement: our style does not change according to your morphology. Thus, many customers came to see us pretending that they could not have the desired style because they no longer had the same morphology.

If we take into account that we only have one style depending on one’s personality, it means that being feminine, being class, being chic sportwear are styles. I do not see how morphology interferes with the possibility of being class, feminine or casual.

What will change according to your morphology are the choices of cuts of clothes.

I said earlier that clothes are just tools to give your style. A garment can almost be used to make all styles. With a shirt, depending on what other clothing or accessories you will harmonize, you can be casual, trendy, feminine, credible or not.

Working on your image goes through finding your dress style. The benefits of a style of clothing identified and affirmed are numerous. More credibility, one marks more the spirits, one gains self-confidence.


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