Easy Treatments For Healthy Fingernails


Healthy fingernails are not self-evident. Fingernails may become discolored or deformed. Fingernails may have grooves, and they may become soft and brittle. Diseases can be the cause when healthy fingernails change. However, fingernails also suffer from incorrect care and unbalanced nutrition. What finger nails tell you about your health condition and how you get beautiful and healthy fingernails with natural and holistic measures, read this article.

Healthy fingernails – protectors and weapons

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Your goal is called healthy fingernails? With some commitment and our tips you can achieve this goal again.

Primates are the only creatures on earth that are endowed with finger and toe nails. The nail plates are composed of keratinized, dead skin cells, which mainly consist of keratin – a fiber protein. The same keratin is found, for example, in our hair , in the claws of the predators, in the feathers of the birds, and even in the spines of the hedgehogs.

Today, fingernails are generally only reduced to a certain jewelry function. In reality, however, they perform numerous tasks: to protect fingernails, to defend themselves, and they are excellent tools – but only if they are healthy fingernails.

Fingernails can tell a lot about the human being and about his health. Just changes on the nail frequently occur. They can be harmless, but also symptoms of numerous diseases.

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Nail diagnostics

Healthy fingernails are firm, slightly arched, flexible and even. On the other hand, diseased nails grow slowly, may have an abnormal surface, shape, and structure, and they then break or break.

Depending on the appearance changed fingernails get special names:

  • Thickened and arched nails, for example, are called claw nails. They point to circulatory disorders and nerve damage.
  • Plate nails are fingernails, which are flat in the middle but fall off laterally. The causes include gastrointestinal disorders and a disturbed blood formation.
  • Watch glass nails, on the other hand, are arched upwards and indicate disorders of the liver and lungs, but also of iron deficiency .
  • In the case of spooned nails, the nail plate is spoon-like and bent upwards. They can be caused by iron deficiency , vitamin C deficiency or by a thyroid or metabolic disorder.
  • Spotted nails show small dimples and are a sign of psoriasis .
  • Longitudinal grooves can be a harmless aging phenomenon or an indication of iron deficiency or biotin deficiency. In the same way, poisoning or disturbances of the liver, kidneys or the intestine may be the cause of longitudinal grooves.
  • Querrillen are usually due to a slowing of growth during a disease (eg flu ).

However, fingernails can change not only in shape, but also in color – and the coloring of the fingernails can also reveal a lot about the health of a person.


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