Easy Easter! Fast low-carb egg liqueur cake


Hmm … delicious Easter pies, which does not spoil your food plan? We’ve got a sharp low carb recipe!

At Easter, at the end of the fasting season, many sweet temptations are offered. If you do not want to beat the strings, you can enjoy delicious low-carb dishes!

On carbohydrates without, does not mean starving! On the contrary, low-carb diet relies on healthy fats and stops the roller-coaster ride of the blood glucose level, which leads to hot throats.

Jasmin Mengele is one of Germany’s leading low-carb experts. Disappointed with the yo-yo effect of many diets she put her diet to 2010 on low carb. The confessing chef was disappointed that she should now forgo sweets and sweets. In your own kitchen so she developed recipes for cakes , cupcakes and breads that do not have to hide behind the carbohydrate originals.

We’ll introduce you to a low carb recipe from Jasmin Mengele’s repertoire. Have fun with the baking!

Ingredients for the soil:

100 g grated chocolate Dark
5 eggs
80 g Xylitol
80 g butter
200 g hazelnuts, ground
2 teaspoons baking soda

Ingredients for topping:

400 g cream
200 g Marscarpone
3 sheets of gelatin
250 ml eggnog Soulfood Low Carberia or self-made, sugar-free

To decorate:
150g grated chocolate Dark

Preparation of the egg liqueur cake:

1: Preheat the oven to 150 ° C.
2: Grease the spring form or spray with a separating spray.
3: Finely chop the chocolate.
4: Separate the eggs for the dough. Stir the egg yolk with xylitol until frothy. Butter, baking powder, chocolate chips and ground hazelnuts.
5: Beat the egg whites stiff and lift them under the dough.

6: Spread the dough into the ready-to-serve 26 cm dips and bake in a hot oven for 60 minutes, then remove from the mold and allow to cool.
7: For the filling, beat the cream stiffly and place aside.
8: The gelatin soak for 5 minutes in cold water, then squeeze the 2 leaves, and together with 2 tablespoons mascarpone heat until the gelatin has dissolved.
9: Mix the remaining mascarpone cream with the gelatin mixture and remove the cream.
10: 4 Fill the tablespoon of the cream into a spray bag and set aside.

11: Spread the cream on the cold cake floor and spread the cream with the cream.
12: The pie all around decorate with Sahnetuffs from the pastry bag.
13: Press the last sheet of gelatine and lightly heat up (microwave) until it has dissolved.
14 Slowly stir in the egg liqueur. Then pour the egg mixture slowly on the middle of the pie until everything is well distributed.

15: If necessary, cool for 10 minutes and pour another layer of egg liqueur over it.

And then just enjoy!


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