Corset Trend 2017 – How do I wear it in everyday life?


Corsets are actually underwear or… for these and the coming seasons, however, the corset is one of the biggest fashion trends.

This does not mean that we are now running through the streets in underwear, because the sexy garment is combined with casual wear and clothes, blouses and knitwear. In the 18th and 19th century the corset belonged to the woman’s outfit. You want to know more about the exciting face of the corset, then look here.

The corset trend 2017

From Prada to Victoria Beckham, the designers show us how varied the new trend can look. The stars are also inspired by the fashion trend! Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid and Co. show how cool the look in everyday life works. Unlike we had expected, we wear the corset no longer only at night, but all day just combined with a nice top.

It can be so easy!

As always in the fashion world, it depends on the right styling. But the new It-Peace makes it easy for us, because it is as good as to wear any look. The keyword is “layering” – this is the layer look or onellook. You can enhance your casual look with the corset. Combine a beautiful dress, a cool shirt or a sweater with a skinny jeans or leather pants and the new favorite pumps. Now the right corset and the look is finished. Look at the shape to emphasize your figure. Beautiful models are especially those that put just below the breast, tightly cinched around the waist, ending exactly at the hip bone.

The best thing about the look is, it emphasizes the waist and makes a super feminine silhouette, as in the Belle Epoque, only that it is different than before, today is comfortable and looks stylish.




  1.  Leather corset from Alaia
  2.  The stylish earrings are from Katerina Makriyianni
  3.  Blumentasche by Prada
  4.  Denim with fringes by Sonia Rykiel
  5.  Draped wool coat from Harris Wharf London
  6.  Elegant coat of Malene Birger
  7.  Sandals of suede with fringes you get at Aquazzura
  8.  Sweet pendant from Prada
  9.  Ring of Alice Cicolini
  10.  The sweet backpack you can find at Even & Odd
  11.  Sunglasses by Quay SUPER GIRL
  12.  Stylish black pants
  13. White blouse by Seidensticker
  14.  Gold Bracelet of Ofelia LEAF

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