A coffee table for my living room: Function and Beauty


Looking for the perfect coffee table for your living room? The choice is so vast that you might be discouraged. Here are some tips to help you choose the model that best fits your interior.

A coffee table: a space

To choose the coffee table in your living room , ask yourself two questions:
> Where will I place it?
The answer will determine the size of your coffee table and will give you an initial idea on its style. Indeed, a coffee table must be in harmony with your sofa and adapted to your living room space .
For a fairly quiet room, opt for a glass coffee table transparent that will give relief to the piece.
If your room is larger, you can afford a solid wood table in classic style.

 > What is our show?
If your living room is a privileged place for parties with friends or family,
choose a fairly robust coffee table. You can opt for a more attractive aesthetic coffee table.
Your romantic dinners often happen in your living room? To make it an intimate place very warm, play on the height of your coffee table. Choose an extra-low table and embellish your stay with a pattern rug, ottomans or cushions on the floor.

A coffee table: a function

All interior decorators will tell you: a coffee table offers a personalized touch to your home.
Contemporary, vintage or design , you are spoiled for choice. This does not however minimize the functional aspect of this piece of furniture.
With dual tray coffee tables, you’ll keep your newspapers, remote controls and other gadgets handy in a small living room.
By choosing a table-bar, you can store your bottles and glasses to get them out easily when needed.
The ally of your small apartment or loft is the modular living room coffee table , fitted with a lift tray.
And if you want a deco touch, go for an incomparable model: the aquarium coffee table.

If the multi-purpose living room tables do not tempt you too much, prefer a more classic style. Choose, for example, the timeless wooden coffee table made of cherry wood that will personalize a rustic decor.
If you like natural items, teak or bamboo coffee tables with sofas will seduce you.
Easy maintenance, also enjoy the modernity of the glass table with chromed metal feet.


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