You should choose your face creams depending on the seasons


Our skin undergoes mutations throughout the seasons. They are much more noticeable in times of great climate change. We live it differently depending on whether we have black or white skin and we should choose our face creams based on these variables.

Dark skin, for example, has the advantage of being better resistant to climatic aggressions. On the other hand, it is much more vulnerable if it is subjected to dehydration. Dermatologists are unanimous in recognizing that this skin is obviously unsuited to the temperate climate. It retains water less well and is therefore subject to specific disturbances. It is interesting to note, to better understand it, the phenomenon that occurs a few moments after the toilet of these skins.

Indeed, the black skin, after washing, shows a drying which tends towards an ash color. Gradually, it appears as cracks like scales. Traces of nails, if by chance the person has scratched, imprint on the skin marks that disappear only when it has been re-moistened. The areas most exposed to these transformations are located at the level of the legs, on the interphalangeal spaces and on the face. The advice that can be given for the maintenance of these skins is to take the habit of rehydrating it daily.

Stop using cleaning products!

Unfortunately, these disturbances are often aggravated by the use of inadequate products. For Dr. Sy Bizet , a specialist in ethnic skins (black, mixed and Mediterranean), “women overestimate the resistance of their skin and tend to wash them too much with scouring products. This method destroys their hydrolipidic films and makes them very dry. To compensate, they use very fatty creams, but again, this helps the dehydration process. It is best to use skin care products that suit your skin type, regardless of brand. It is not mandatory to use products specific to black skin. ”

“I recommend using different cosmetics,” continues the dermatologist. So according to the seasons, we use a rich cream that is suitable for periods of extreme cold as winter. Fluid cream, for its part, is indicated for hot seasons, in this case the summer.
It is not superfluous to point out to the attention of blacks that their epidermis is experiencing a very rapid cell renewal. Their complexion is therefore rather blurred because it accumulates dead cells. In this case, it is good to get rid of this. How can you accomplish this? Through a scrub that dermatologists estimate twice a week.


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