Bye-bye Sleepy Mood! These 3 tricks will make you feel more alert in the morning


Always tired in the morning? We’ll give you 3 styling tricks that make you look more alert.

1. Choose a bright top

I do not know how you are, but on Mondays I’m particularly pale around the nose. My trick for a fresh and rosy complexion in seconds will help a lot faster than any SOS beauty program: The powerful color transfers your luminosity to your face and makes the skin look immediately rosy.


It is important that you choose a color that is good for you. If you are a cool color type, that is, summer type or winter type , you should grab a cold pop color like pink.

If you have a more warm skin tone and a golden-shiny hair color , it belongs to the spring types or autumn types . Your complexion shines with a shell in bright orange or strong apricot.

2. Put on sequins and glitter

Are these not your colors? Do not worry! For there is still another possibility to look more alert, fitter and fresher. The magic word is: Glitter!

Particularly great is the wax-effect on tops with shiny sequins. They reflect the incident sunlight, throw it back up to your face and let your complexion radiate.

3. Apply strong lipstick

The professional trick of the bloggers to wake up in the morning fast and fresh: They wear a bright lipstick . For jobs with strict dresscode, classic red shades are perfect. Apart from that, you can also use wonderful pin tones.

Special tips: Cold lipstick colors such as Cool Pink or Kirschrot make the teeth look whiter.


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