Bring it on! These 5 foods make you beautiful & fit


Delicious berries instead of Botox? Noone would ever say “no” to this!

One thing in advance: food is not a medication and a beautician, which will work from today to tomorrow. However, they have a preventive effect which also persists to stop aging. So better late than never, right?

Most people already know: too much alcohol, little sleep and above all greasy food harm our delicate skin. But did you know that there are foods that are the right beauty booster?

The darker the better: Berries

The evil free radicals that proliferate by sunlight, smoking and poor diet, engage unfortunately very much to our cells. Well, there are antioxidants that protect us from them. Berries, in particular, have a very high content of antioxidants and here the golden rule is: the darker the better.

Green Power: spinach & green tea

The Drink Healthy Smoothie Green Spinach

There are many green vegetable varieties which, thanks to their high vitamin B content, alleviate small inflammations in our body and thus ensure a healthy skin . Not only full peppered with vitamin B, but also a lotter: green tea.

Fat is also a must!

The biggest enemies of any diet : carbohydrates & fat! Our bodies need both. Small tip: When you take carbohydrates, you should make sure you eat them in the form of whole grain products, because they provide our body with fiber.

Also an important beauty: Omega-3 fatty acids . Because our bodies cannot produce them by themselves, you should pay attention to the fact that you often incorporate foods like Dorade, Walnuts and Chia seeds into your diet.

Natural light protection factor: tomatoes & carrots

We have heard so many times in kindergartens: carrots are healthy! In fact, the regular consumption of carrots and also tomatoes provides a natural light protection factor for our bodies. This does not mean that you can do without the sun cream. However, it is a basic protection for every day and in between.

Last but not least: water

Who drinks a lot of water is more beautiful? About ten minutes after drinking , the skin is better circulated and fed with more oxygen. This also stimulates the metabolism of the skin, which in turn supports the protective and defense function of the skin. Who would have thought that water gives a fresh look!


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