Body care: How to lighten up your beauty routine?


Because we do not all have the possibility to dedicate hours, morning and evening, to our beauty routines, here are some tips to concentrate your efforts in a minimum of time while giving the best for your body care.

  1. The essential steps of the morning

Light cleaning

If it is not essential to clean the face thoroughly after waking, since it is still clean from the day before, you can nevertheless opt for a refreshing by using for example a misting of thermal water Or micellar water. Simply avoid tap water since it is sometimes too limestone that could dry out your skin.

→ Why?

This light cleaning is essential to prepare the skin to receive the day cream, and to improve its moisturization – the cream will “contain” all the moisture received on the skin before its application.


After light cleaning, apply a moisturizing day care, essential to protect the skin and keep it comfortable throughout the day. Be sure to choose a cream perfectly suited to your skin type (dry, normal, oily, etc.) such as the Hyalurogel Moisturizing Cream Gel from Mixa.

→ Why?

The morning hydration of your skin will allow it to be perfectly protected against external aggressions (wind, cold, sun, or pollution). It can also prepare your skin for the make-up stage and prevent it from further weakening it.


  1. The essential steps of the evening

Removing make-up

Impossible to miss the step of make-up, every night, without exception! Milk, oil, micellar water … It is up to you to choose the option that best suits your skin.

→ Why?

Makeup removal will allow you to remove all traces of makeup from your skin as well as residues accumulated during the day. Choose a soft cleanser, tested under dermatological control, to clean your skin without attacking it. For eyes, opt for bi-phase formulas, effective on waterproof makeup and tested under ophthalmological control.

Deep cleaning

To finalize the make-up removal step, do not zap the cleaning a little deeper with a gel or cleansing foam.

→ Why?

Gives you a radiant complexion every day, because the cleansing will eliminate deeply the slightest impurity and the possible residues of make-up remover, and will prepare your skin to receive its cream of night.


The evening is the ideal time to apply a care targeted for your skin type or for a particular problem (wrinkles, redness, dehydration etc.), because it can act all night on a more receptive skin. You can also take advantage of it to apply a care specifically dedicated to the eye contour that will protect this fragile area.

→ Why?

The night is not of rest for your skin which takes advantage of these few hours to regenerate: good timing therefore for a care that will have a deep and lasting action on your skin.

  1. One-time body care

If they are essential to your beauty routine, the exfoliation and the mask should not be used daily, but rather on a weekly basis.

The scrub

So once a week, you will apply a gentle peel-free scrub – especially if your skin is sensitive – in circular massages on your face and neck cleansed, which you then rinse with clear water.

→ Why?

The scrub will not only help your skin get rid of dead cells that clutter your epidermis but it will also stimulate blood circulation. We say banco!

The mask

After the scrub, bring to your skin a shot of hydration and care with a mask adapted to your skin type or to a particular problem, which you will leave for about ten minutes. Remove any residue with cotton.

→ Why?

True concentrate of moisturizing and repairing agents, the mask, unlike your daily care, will have time to act more deeply on the skin, for a visible result faster.


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