Bob hair styles 2017


Bob hairstyles is never out, after all, the bob is the classic among the hairstyles – even in 2017, thanks to the praise and the blunt bobs you will always see. Stars and models such as Alexa Chung, Nina Dobrev and Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley wear Bob – and we show what this haircut can do anything. Times sleek-classical, sometimes with pony, sometimes with waves or bobbing steps: The most beautiful Bob-hairstyles and their varied styling possibilities.

Model Ania Chiz is wearing a classic bob to the middle part, which always looks good and almost every woman stands!

Nina Dobrev Bob with side crest


Actress Nina Dobrev (“Vampire Diaries”) left her long mane at the beginning of 2017 and now wears a very cool, wavy Bob, which we show you here from three angles. This cut with wavy hair looks just as great as smoothed and will meet us this year certainly still at many other celebrities and on the street.

Bob Hairstyles Chin Long

Bob’s hairstyles to the chin are the classic version of the Bob – and stand for most women! Here we see a slightly frayed Bob hairstyles, which through the ice blonde hair color almost already edgy acts.

Structured Bob

Confident, cheeky and cool – the structured Bob stands for elegance and lightness. Works especially with wavy hair really good! Short Bob with compact pony
The short bob with compact pony guarantees a wear-resistant look and is also suitable for thin hair. Model Katie Moore made the look her highly successful trademark. More aboutcoole baby bangs here

Long-Bob for straight hair

The Long Bob is particularly popular this season and looks elegant with smooth hair. The side crest, as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley carries it here, provides for more variety and underlines the cutting direction.


Graphic Bob hairstyles

Graphic Bob hairstyles celebrate a comeback with international hair professionals. This smart Bob hairstyle is based on an accurate,compact pony and looks great with wavy hair. Model Heather Kemesky made the graphic bob to her trademark – and extremely successful!


A bob for lock heads

Perfect curls, perfect Bob – needs in reality off the Fotostudios however a lot of styling work! And the good, old mousse is a miracle!

Marion Cotillard’s hairstyle

Since the actress Marion Cotillard won the Oscar as Best Actress for the film La vie en rose in 2008, she is one of the best-paid actresses of Hollywood and France.

The pretty French woman is known for her elegant style and always scores with her looks. This time she enchanted us with this beautiful bob hairstyle.

Cool Bob Hairstyles

You’ll see this hairstyle even more frequently in 2017, because the cool girls now wear their pony negligently-parted – as with this bob hairstyles of Model Vanessa Moreira.

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