Better hair: I repair the damage of the sun


That’s it, you come back from vacation with one desire: to display your complexion caramel in front of your friends and colleagues! Yes but here … If in the summer, we whine all tanned, the situation is cruelly crunching at the start. Crocodile skin, straw hair, dry feet, push buttons … this is the second sun effect that leaves us vacation memories not very glamorous. Then to prolong this golden and luminous skin, only one solution: a program 100% softness.

1. I want silk hair

Just like the skin, the hair suffers the attacks of the UV that alter its fiber. But unlike the epidermis, it is a “dead” structure that does not self-regenerate. So if it is damaged, it is often irremediable … unless we take it in hand. It is therefore essential for the re-entry to undertake an intensive care treatment.

The extent of damage
During that basks in the sun, UV attack the surface of the hair: the cuticles. Gradually, they gnaw the cement that binds the scales of the fiber. The hair loses its smooth appearance and especially, its protective barrier.
The heart of the hair, the keratin, is therefore directly exposed to aggression, and here it is the cata: it becomes fragile, dry, brittle … and we have a mane in straw.

We’re acting!
From the start,
program a shock is needed: > I choose a shampoo ceramide: this natural lipid plays a concrete role in reuniting the scales.
> I abuse of basic care shea butter , safflower oil and other fatty substances which reshape the lipid film of the hair (the one that adds moisture)
> I use -from way ponctuelle- a silicone serum For clamping the forks. Even if they are never completely repaired (only one solution: cut!), Some sera give them a denser, stronger appearance and protect them.
> I feed my hair from the inside, with targeted supplements: Vitamin B against the fall, borage oil for moisturizing, Iron for the capillary mass.

Good to know: A black hair contains more melanin-and will therefore be more resistant and protected from the sun-bright hair that is very fragile.


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