Best Make-up Tips to look Glamorous


Have you got bored because of the glued eyelashes and pale lips? You will finally get rid of them thanks to these makeup tips! We open our trickbox to help you get the most annoying make-up problems under control.

There are simple problems with make-up that you can easily cope with. There are, for example, the stains which appear to appear on the skin when the foundation is applied, or the annoyance of the lipstick, which never lasts long enough. With our dressing tips, these problems soon become a thing of the past.

Already during the application of the foundation lurk first problems. On the one hand, it is difficult for many women to find the shade appropriate to their skin; on the other hand, the face can look very stained after application. Makeup Tip Number 1: For a natural-looking skin surface, you should cleanse your face before applying makeup first and with a moisturizing day cream to the foundation prepare.

To find the right make-up color tone, try different colors in bright daylight on the cheek – not on the wrist. The color that fuses with your skin is the right choice and significantly reduces the problem of stains on the face.

You can use a sponge or brush to apply the make-up. Both allow fast and precise work. The most natural result, however, is achieved with your hands. Apply the Foundation to the middle of the face and then work outwards to spread the fine facial hair in the direction of growth. To create a regular transition, you should also make your neck and the lot along the hairline.

Makeup tips for glued eyelashes

Also Problem number two is one of the typical pitfalls applying makeup: glued eyelashes . In order to avoid flying-leg-like structures on the face, first make sure that the brush of the mascara is not moved back and forth several times. On the one hand, you are transporting air into the container, which allows the mascara to dry out more quickly. On the other hand, by pumping, unnecessary ink is applied to the applicator, which makes your eyelashes stick faster and the mascara becomes friable. Simply pull the brush out and strip it carefully.

Apply the ink in zig-zag movements, which helps in separating the eyelashes. Nice side effect of the dressing tip: The technique lends your eyelashes additional length. And if there is ever to sticked lashes, special eyelash brushes provide remedy. In stubborn cases, you can also take a needle or a thin toothpick to hand, and carefully separate the glued eyelashes.

Extra Dressing Tip: Do not position your make-up mirror at the top of your eyes, but slightly lower so you have to look down. With the lowered eyelid, you can avoid mascara traces on the skin.

Use fingers instead of hand: Apply eyeshadow

An application for applying eyeshadow is not always a hand – use your finger in this case: Take some eyeshadow with your fingertip and paint the color from outside to inside on the eyelid. If you use two colors, first apply the light color to the whole eyelid, then lightly polish the darker. The brighter eyeshadow provides the base and extends the durability. Another cosmetic tip: when the finger is moistened before application, the eyeshadow is better adhered to the eyelid. With a cotton swab, you can blur the contours between the darker and brighter colors.

Makeup tips: Colored lips – the whole evening

Not every lipstick lasts all evening and constant tightening is tedious. So that your lipstick stays where it belongs, you first have to ensure a smooth lip surface: Remove small skin remnants, for example with a damp cloth. Then use a contoured pencil not just to frame your lips, but also apply the pen directly to the lips . Contour pens contain less wax than lipsticks and thus ensure a longer shelf life. When choosing the pen, make sure that it has the same color as the lipstick. The latter will be followed by a lipstick.

Try out our beauty tips and you will never regret!

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