Bella Hadid shares her anti-insomnia tips


Do you have sleep problems? Bella Hadid comes to your rescue and gives her advice to sleep like a baby. In addition it is the day of sleep Saturday March 18, so it falls to the peak. 

You suffer from insomnia, you wake up at night or you sleep too light and you are exhausted the day? Against all odds, it is Bella Hadid who will come to arrange all this. It was expected almost everywhere except on tips on falling asleep, indeed, what an amazing young woman. And as chance does things well, they arrive pile for the day of sleep, which takes place this Saturday, March 18.

In a recent interview with the American Teen Vogue , Bella confided in her many trips and how she managed to keep up. For between the shootings, the many Fashion Week shows, the evenings and the public appearances for the brands of which it is muse (in particular Nike and Dior Beauty), it is always between two planes and on different time zones.

A playlist of meditation available on Apple Music

So how does she get to sleep when the time difference is felt and that she must chain professional appointments without having rings of 18 centimeters? ” I started to listen to meditation music to get to sleep. It helps me to have a very deep sleep, even if I only sleep four hours ,” she reveals. ” Generally, from the fourth piece, I sink into sleep .”

And since Bella is friendly and she wants to help us sleep better too, she even gave a link to her favorite meditation playlist: she is available on Apple Music and there are fifty songs in total. It leaves plenty of time to fall asleep with serenity.


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