How to become flawless on Valentine’s Day


Certainly, we do not expect Valentine’s Day to be sexy and natural. Just in case, you have concocted an ideal look to celebrate love in beauty, without making tons. We make ourselves beautiful for ourselves first, then if it pleases our darling, so much better…

Effortless chic

 Yes, you can be glamorous without necessarily choke under 38 layers of foundation , remove the false eyelashes and developed ultra bun. We want fresh, chic, timeless that sublimates every face. The genre “No, darling, I did not do it for you at all, and it only took me 10 minutes.” Recipe ? We give it to you right away. For that, we took inspiration from the look of Emma Stone, the most qualified person in our opinion to help us meet this challenge.

1. An unforgettable trail

Choosing the right perfume is of utmost importance. It is like a memory left behind. And so that Valentin has eyes only for you, you need the perfect fragrance . The choice of the editor? So Sweet by Lolita Lempicka , a gourmand floral fragrance for sweet girls only , ideal to make your lover understand that you are the one he needs: sassy, ​​full of fun, who assumes his luminous beauty. That will make him crack for sure!

2. High-fidelity complexion

First step: opt for a complexion that is transparent .
For this, we need the most beautiful skin possible. It is pampered with a lot of mild cleanser, exfoliating and oxygenating mask and moisturizing care.
Level make-up, one starts with a base that refreshes, smoothes the skin and blurs the pores. If it contains light reflectors (soft focus type) it is jackpot.
Then, one conceals dark circles and small imperfections with the aid of a corrector , by tapping with the finger. If one has freckles, out of question to camouflage them, it’s so cute!
If necessary , add a light foundation or BB cream that corresponds exactly to the complexion. Thanks to the base, it is guaranteed a perfect outfit, even if the evening drags on …
And for a truly extreme outfit and a most natural look, we finish with a matifying matt finish.

3. Reversing eyes

For the eyes, the same thing, everything is a question of lightness. For a sexy look, you put everything on the mascara , on the top and bottom lashes. The look is enlarged and sparkling. To accentuate the whole, one opts for a light black pencil (optional) along the fringe of the eyelashes.
One does not forget the eyebrows to structure and bring character to the gaze. But rather than redrawing it completely (attention to the missteps), one is content to sublimate it by filling the possible small holes and fixing it all with the aid of a blush or pencil of the exact color of the eyebrows , Then a transparent mascara.

4. Lips to chew

Lightness on the eyes, so we put the package on the mouth (the famous rule). And no such thing to showcase her pretty smile that an ultra chic lipstick . To be totally trendy and kiss quiet gentleman, we opt for a lipstick matte and long held.
The step for extreme hold ? The mouth is drawn with a pencil of the same color as the lipstick, then the red is applied directly to the grapes before embracing a tissue and repeating these last two steps.
The more red lipstick? It offers a ” white teeth ” effect , which can be accentuated using a whiteness pen to apply directly to the teeth after brushing (buh the cheaters!).

5. A Mermaid Mane

Level hairstyle , no headache either. Hair loosened or delicately raised in a chignon a bit wild. Like Emma, ​​one can opt for a pretty wavy effect using a styler and a fixing spray.

The small +

> To be beautiful from head to toe, it is hydrated with a dry oil for the body which will satinize the skin lightly.
> Attention, we do not forget the make-up removal . No exception that holds, not even the feast of love.
> Finally, we smile! This look is perfect to put your smile – number one seduction trick in value, so go for it, it’s free.

Now it’s your turn…


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