The beauty tricks of the Victoria’s Secret models


You want to know why Bella Hadid and Co. always look so immaculate? These six beauty tricks are actually behind the angelic-like appearance of Victoria’s Secret models. The good thing about it: You can easily copy them.

The secret beauty tricks of the Victoria’s Secret models are effective, but still applies to them: “Without sweat, no price”. You have to bring a little initiative and patience – and then there is nothing more in the way of a look à la Victoria’s-Secret

There is no way to be as hot as them without sports

One thing should be obvious – without sports, the beauty tricks do not. So, high from the couch and off to the gym. There the models of the Dessous label train their bodys. The beauty trick is variety. To strengthen all body parts, the girls put on a sports mix instead of training solitude. Therefore your program ranging from boxing to Pilates.

Skin: Like newborn

beautiful skin is one of the features of a supermodel. Use a cosmetic line that meets the needs of your skin. However, care is just as wrong as too little attention. Now and then you should treat yourself to a visit to a beauty salon and let yourself be pampered by a professional. Romee Strijd is supposed to rely on laser therapy. Irina Shayk, on the other hand, relies on the 24-carat mask by Mimi Luzon. If it has to go fast, a ready-made mask from the drugstore can also provide freshness. If you have more time, mix a mask of honey and curd for an extra portion of moisture.

The beauty secret of VS hair

You dream of soft, flowing curls? The beauty trick of the Victoria’s-Secret models for a wild hair is: Professional tools from Beachwaver. With a normal curling iron you can also conjure up more fullness into your hair. Even a flat iron can provide for beach-waves.

The beauty trick-einmaleins for tired eyes

Under dark eyelets or short eyelashes also have professional models to suffer. Your beauty trick is in this case the right make-up. For a dramatic eye-contact, blow your eyelashes twice – the artificial light in the evening swallows a lot, so you do not have to be afraid to look too engaged.

Nail care – but correct

Trick 17 of the beauty tricks of the Victoria’s Secret Models: The right nail care. With a work of art from the house “Red Carpet Manicure” the ladies make their hands walkstephies. The patterns are inspired by the lingerie of the runway. If you choose the walk to the pro, experiment with colorful patterns and colors. If you prefer the do-it-yourself variant, you can adorn your nails with nail foil. For well-groomed hands, you should always apply a lot of cream after washing your hands. Every now and then, you can maintain them with a hand mask over night.

Fast power supply

A performance on the catwalk can be quite exhausting. To get fit and happy in the day, mannequins such as Romee Strijds rely on “Syringe Shots”. The miracle weapon is supposed to provide a strong immune system. With a balanced diet you achieve the same effect: Take lots of vegetables and fruit to you and do not use welded finished products. Then you supply your body optimally with vitamins and minerals. Sweets and empty carbohydrates deliver a quick energy boost, but they also drop your blood glucose levels as quickly as possible – the result is hot throats. So, rather, fingers away.


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