Anyone can do it! 10 simple tips on how to get fit and slim


Lose weight without a diet, does not that sound just wonderful? Fit without the annoying obligation to go to sports every day? It sounds almost too beautiful to be true, and yet it is possible. With small changes in the day-to-day life you can actually do a lot. We give ten examples.

1. Do not put too much pressure on yourself

What keeps most people from changing is too high a claim to themselves. Whoever takes the day to go to the gym every day and completely converts the diet completely condemns himself to failure. Fact: Every small step of the change counts. If you make it to the sport, great! If not, the world does not go down. Instead, consider what you have done right this day: a balanced diet, for example. However, you should still maintain the plan to go back to sport in the future.

2. Eat small portions

For weight reduction, you do not have to cook the whole meal or simply throw all the old recipes into the basket . Just cook a little less in the future. “But did not I still hungry after the meal?” You will ask. If you exaggerate the renunciation, certainly. Therefore it is important to reduce the portions slowly. The stomach is incredibly stretchy and quickly gets used to larger doses than the body needs. In the same way, however, he is able to get used to smaller food units. You also avoid the threat of hunger by eating slowly and chewing for a long time.

3. Eat more fiber

Eating more fiber is not only easy but also ideal for weight loss. The reason is simple: if you eat more fiber, for example, in the form of fruits , vegetables  , grains, etc., you have a feeling of satiety that lasts a long time. Hot hunger is therefore a thing of the past.

4. Use the possibilities for movement

Daily 30 to 60 minutes of training would be ideal. Uff! That sounds a lot. The weekly recommended 150 minutes of training sounds as easy to cope with. And the good: sport can also be integrated into everyday life . If you are on a Monday to Friday morning, noon and in the evening ten minutes active (eg not to the next, but to the further distant stop running, the stairs instead of the elevator takes, with the bike instead of the car drives etc.) Even at weekends .

5. Choose healthier alternatives

Waiting for food is always difficult. Therefore do not renounce, but exchange: Replace ingredients by less calorie-rich. If you are looking for a sandwich, take one with honey mustard sauce instead of one with mayonnaise. Do not sweeten your tea with sugar but with honey. And, in general, be aware of the sugar contained in your drinks. So you save a lot of calories every day, which will soon become apparent on the scales.

6. Sleep enough

When you start to move more and eat less, your body will automatically need more rest. Give it to him! This is the only way to gain the strength for the increased activity the next day. Of course, the day is only because of your changes in lifestyle do not suddenly more hours, so is the next point of particular importance:

7. Think about your priorities

Take a close look at your daily activities. What could you do without what costs you day by day? Do you really have to sit in front of the TV for several hours in the evening? Change this! Take the time for sports or an early bedtime. Organize yourself better so you lose less time by not knowing where your head is. And if you do something, do it. And always. Once you start moving things, your own planning is completely mixed.

8. Be active with friends and family

Of course you should also spend time with friends and family. This time is important for the psychological well-being and gives you strength for all the things that you may encounter in your life. Use the time with friends and family actively. No one wants you to go with them to the gym, but a walk at the weekend is always linked in, a hike or a stay in the swimming pool, which is ideal for relaxation and movement.

9. Use technology

If you want to pay attention to your diet and exercise habits , you have a lot in mind. Take advantage of apps that help you keep track. Step counters are just as useful as tools that keep your calorie consumption down. Automate here as far as it is possible. This not only takes away a lot of thought, but also motivates it.

10. Reduce stress

This sounds much heavier than it really is. If you daily a stint making (not previously forgotten prioritizing!) And stick to strictly because you avoid to get into hot water. Stress has an enormous impact on the appetite and energy burning in the body. Do not underestimate this! Unforeseen events are of course always possible. Try to cut off enough time for your short game units. Tip: Look at this as irrefutable appointments such as a doctor’s appointment. This makes it easier for you to find other things in the way.


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