Acne Treatment: 3 best creams for beautifying the skin and curing the acne scars

acne treatment

If you suffer from acne scars, your self-esteem often also suffers from this skin condition. If the pimples and pust can not heal properly, they usually leave these small unsightly skin defects. Especially on the face, but also on the upper body, these little scars are unsightly and you do not wish for anything more than these acne scars disappear again. One thing is certain – they do not disappear by themselves. But there are effective over-the-counter ointments, which announce the battle to the acne scars. However, many products do not keep what they promise. I have tried three creams for acne scars, partly from old and fresh scars.

Dr. RA Eckstein Azulen paste

For me, the Dr. RA Eckstein Azulen Paste landed the first place . The ointment works not only against acne scars, but already already with fresh pimples to let these fade away quickly and scarcely . I applied the ointment to my old scars and had to realize that the first positive effects were set after only a few days . The paste smells a bit unpleasant but it helps. It is recommended to apply the paste twice a day to the scars and to gently massage them. The remedy is very productive, so the can last very long. Of course, the Dr. RA Eckstein Azulen paste is not a miracle, but with regular use, old scars disappear within a few weeks. However, the cream does not really come in, speak for the make-up is not recommended. In the morning, I always applied it only when I was not out of house and otherwise, of course, every evening after the facial cleansing. Of the three sampled scar creams, this was  the most favorable product.

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy (TM)

The Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy Cream also helps against acne scars . I used the ointment again on old and fresh scars and it is very suitable for both species. After application you can feel directly how the cream “works” in the scar, it starts to pull easily, but this is not really unpleasant. Even if the advertising promises that the cream after about 6 weeks of regular application scarring disappears , it took me 12 weeks. I used the cream as recommended morning and evening on the cleaned face and can recommend it because of the reliable effect.

The bepanthen scars gel with massage roller

The third ointment for my application was the bepanthen scars gel with integrated massager follower. Through the scooter you can apply the scar gel very well on larger scars. The application is very light and clean. I used the scooter morning and evening for the application. Also with this gel of bepanthen it took 3 months, until the scars almost became invisible. A few very old and dominant scars have not completely disappeared, but also much better, one sees them only with exact look.

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