92% of women have cellulite, what is the solution?


Most of them are affected by this scourge even though the majority of women in the world have very little or just localized parts of the body.

According to a survey carried out by Laboratoires Pierre Fabre Santé in March 2012, cellulite is today considered by as a real problem of society, even as a pathology. The “orange peel” does not just be unsightly. In some cases, it may be accompanied by a painful sensitivity of the skin when touched. Doctors insist, cellulite poses a real medical problem.

In 2003, the same Laboratory, composed of doctors, had carried out a cellulite investigation in 9 countries (France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, Holland, Greece, Belgium, Morocco). 90% of the respondents said they had it on their buttocks, thighs, hips, belly or knees. Those who had attempted to remedy this situation were disappointed by the methods. Also many were waiting for a really effective product that would limit this scourge. The majority reported its appearance at puberty, with, especially among Moroccans, an aggravation at the time of pregnancy.

Menopause accentuates the phenomenon. Lack of exercise, poor blood circulation are among the systematic causes of the appearance or aggravation of cellulite. Added to this are factors such as weight gain or disordered eating. In some cases heredity plays a role. The appearance may also have genetic origins. It can be treated if the cause is genetic, food, hormonal or circulatory. The appropriate treatment will not be the same.

To Overcome Cellulite, if one is overweight, a dieting is needed. It is the decisive complement to specific anti-pad care. But it can not by itself make disappear orange peel.

On the other hand, the diet should be avoided if one is already thin: it would then only serve to dig the cheeks and breasts and would have no effect on cellulite. The most effective slimming creams show good results, provided that the minimum treatment is one month. More radical, medical interventions like liposuction are also much more burdensome.

Note that cellulite does not disappear with the hair glove. On the contrary, avoid it at all costs. Because the hair glove attacks the epidermis (by destroying the hydropolitic film that protects it), and does not bring any benefit on orange peel. In addition, it activates so small superficial vessels that they inevitably burst. Also to be banished: hot baths, a real disaster for blood circulation.


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