9 ways to prevent body odor



Nothing is more annoying (and embarrassing) and walk around with a sweat smell. now load faster once Unfortunately you do here with the weather. Fortunately, there are several ways you can prevent odors.

We put there for nine in a row.

1. Consider the fabrics you wear

Certain substances can cause you to perspire faster than normally. As synthetics ensure that germs seek your armpits. The result? A nasty odors. If you want to avoid this like you can get the best for a substance that absorbs sweat, like cotton or linen.

2. Shave your armpits regularly

Sweat Bacteria like it to hang in your armpit hair. Therefore, make sure that you regularly take your armpits in hand with a razor blade. By shaving the hair will prevent the body odor from spreading.

3. Watch your diet

What many people do not know is that diet can play a big role when it comes to body odor. Therefore, a useful tip: Try seasoned meat and red peppers to avoid as much as possible. This namely food makes your heart beat faster, and to cool you go back you automatically sweating body.

4. Take care of yourself (and your clothes) solid

Maybe a little a piece of cake, but very important: keep clean yourself and your clothing. Shower regularly and change if needed more clothes. Do you prone to a strong body odor? Throw your clothes immediately in the wash or have it outside air.

5. Drink minimize soda

Do you suffer from a strong smell of sweat? This could be simply because your body lets go much waste. Often the cause of soda. When soda drink your body gets a suikerbom inside that he can not handle. The result? The sour substances and leave your body with a strong odor.

6. Drink plenty of water

Make sure you drink enough water. This is because your body better able to process waste. This ensures immediately that it does not have to come from your armpit.

7. Use an anti-perspirant

Many people use deodorant to prevent sweaty armpits. But you’d better go for an antiperspirant. Although deodorant prevents unpleasant smell of sweat under your armpits, but solves the real problem does not occur. In contrast, an antiperspirant causes your sweat glands have to work less hard. This makes you sweat less.

8. Try to stress as much as possible

People often stress, even more sweating. For example, just think of the stress that you do not sweat properly. This will take you automatically sweating more. Try here so to think as little as possible.

9. Wear underarm pads

Do you suffer from sweat and odor sloshing armpits? Then try underarm pads. Lets you protect yourself from an unpleasant odor and prevent sweat stains on your clothes.


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