9 Ways To Get Rid Of Stress That Will Make You Feel Better


More than 50% of the world population want to reduce stress this year, according to a recent Forsa study for DAK health. We show how to do that.

1. Open your eyes

Mindfulness is the new magic word to reduce stress. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) trains your attention and sharpens the perception for the moment. The special exercises – performed in sitting and walking, including elements of yoga flow – were developed by Prof. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn. The central goal is that you become more mindful towards yourself and your environment. This allows you to become aware of your reaction patterns in difficult situations and to counteract stress with a new serenity. Likewise, you learn to deal with stressful thoughts and feelings more relaxed. The courses usually consist of 8 to 10 units which last 60 to 90 minutes.

2. Reduce stress with yoga

The yoga practice is a proven way to relieve stress. Physical activity (asanas) is not about physical fitness, but about self-control and composure. “Yoga is not performance oriented. It is not critical to perform an exercise perfectly. Rather, it is about letting the flow of thought come to rest and to give itself completely to the moment “, says Nicole Plinz, therapeutic director of the day clinic for stress medicine in Hamburg and author of the guide” Yoga during exhaustion, burnout and depression “(Balance Verlag ). Yoga aims at the connection between body and mind, breath and movement. The view is directed inward, also with the aim of accepting oneself. This makes us free to live in harmony with our possibilities and abilities, and also to escape the standards of our service society. Spiritual yoga forms such as kundalini may be more suitable than power yoga.

3. Coaching to reduce stress

Chronic stress can also arise from the fact that we live an unfulfilled life: as a rotten compromise, against our potential and / or our deepest inner needs. Do you have the feeling that at least partially, you are? “Then professional coaching can help you discover unused resources, overcome obstacles, develop coherent
perspectives, and make a lot more personal and professional,” says coach and coach Angela Debes from Hamburg. From over thirty years of experience in “Human Development”, she knows: We are called upon to take our fate into our own hands, according to the motto: Man is not a product of circumstances, circumstances are a product of man. Tip: Looking for a good coach, check out his experience and references, and ask for a pro session. So you will find out whether the coaching concept appeals to you and the chemistry is right.


Emotions, regulate emotions, reduce stress and solve problems systematically – that is what the “Flexible Internet Training for Stress in Professional Life” at the Leuphana University in Lüneburg, in cooperation with the Barmer GEK. In seven lessons of 45 to 60 minutes each, you practice, among other things, to deal with difficult emotions. This ability is learnable and is particularly important for problems that can not be influenced. These include muscle relaxation and breathing techniques, a better understanding and acceptance of feelings as well as a positive self-support. As part of a scientific study, the training is free of charge until further notice.

5. Go offline

Unfortunately surfing the Internet or e-mail checking has the same relaxation effect as watching TV: none. The use of these media means a latent long-term stress. What we need from time to time are real breaks, free from any activities. Just switch off, for example, one hour a day or a weekend, and instead find hobbies that actually break your stress (eg yoga & exercise).


There is almost no relaxation technique reduce the stress that the breathing does not involve with. A simple exercise to get down very quickly: straight and with your eyes closed. Inhale deeply and simultaneously raise your shoulders. Then completely exhale and drop the shoulders. Repeat the procedure twice.

7. Smile

Great experiences or successes conjure us a smile in the face. Happiness hymns are spilled, we are happy. Now it is: The whole thing also works differently. Who simply deliberately and reasonlessly smiles, also activates the hormones, the stress settles. Tip: just close your eyes with great tension and smile with pleasure – so you can quickly and easily relieve stress.


Whether in genuinely or only in the spirit, when we look at something that radiates peace, we become calm. Sit on a bank on the shore, look at the lake – and all stress falls from you. The mere idea of ​​such a “psychic anchorage” has a similar effect.

9. Think positively

Negative beliefs are a common barrier to reduce stress. The more often we are convinced that, for example, ball games are not our strength, the more likely this assumption is solidified. Much better, you formulate positively for yourself: “I’m doing a good job (even if I’m mistaken)”, or: “The Marathon I manage, no matter what time.” This takes patience: Just as you have been defusing your deficits for years, you are now turning the tables – and can thus reduce stress.

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